More Fantastic Font Finds For Your Scrapbooking

Journaling is something that is often put off until the layout is finished in every other way. If you do this too, you are certainly not alone. In a recent poll, 78% of scrapbookers voted that they wait until the end to do their journaling. I find it difficult to do it at the beginning, though there have been times that I have. Since I happen to put off journaling until the end, I have a lot of layouts that are sitting in limbo waiting for that final journaling block. I decided recently to play ‘catch up’ and get that … Continue reading

A Very Comprehensive List of Font Sites for Scrapbookers

Scrapbookers are a choosy bunch, and often they know what type of font they want before they even get to the layout. The pictures might evoke a certain mood or perhaps its even as simple as they use that font a lot. So where to scrapbookers go to find all the great free fonts out there? These are a huge collection of font sites that I have found or use regularly. Some of these sites I have every font from. Some are sites that list more sites. No matter what, I’m sure your computer will be running on overload with … Continue reading

Fun with Fonts!

I can say that I am mildly obsessed with fonts. I own an encyclopedia of fonts and I labor over every stylistic decision I need to make for my online tee shirt and gift shop. Even years ago, I used to spend hours upon hours designing my old record label’s website. To this day, I pay close attention to the layouts and fonts used in magazines, websites and on product boxes – yes, I am a little strange. One evening, while writing an article for, my girl climbed up on my lap and wanted to see what I was … Continue reading

Finding Scrapbooking Goodies On The Internet

Using the Internet for scrapbooking is a wonderful way to get free resources to use in your albums. There are many different ways to use the Internet, and hundreds of sites available to the scrapbooker if you just know where to look. Here are several ways you can use the Internet to help you with layouts and more. Fonts My favorite thing to find on the Internet is fonts. I know that’s the same for many scrapbookers. I am a font junkie and one of my computer’s (yes, I have several) has over 5000 fonts stored on it. I have … Continue reading

Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Horrible Handwriting

We all suffer from time to time from the “Horrible Handwriting Syndrome”. If you’re like me, you might go back and forth. I apparently have a love/hate relationship with my own personal handwriting. One day, I absolutely love it, and the next I hate it. When I look back at some of my layouts, I see that horrible handwriting, and it just totally takes away from the way I view the layout. Instead of seeing the beautiful photos and realizing what a great layout I did, I see that horrible handwriting and wish I could will it away. Of course, … Continue reading

Font Fun – Back To School Fonts

It’s almost that time of year again for many children, as they are heading back to school. Three of my five are already back in school. The other two start next week and are entering middle school. So, not only do I already have back to school layouts to do, along with several school functions that have already taken place, with two brand new middle school students we will have many new opportunities for pictures this year. That means tons of school related layouts! I love to commemorate my children’s school years. I like them to see the changes they … Continue reading

Creating a Font Directory

I am a collector of anything scrapbooking. Fonts are no exception. I use them all the time when I am scrapbooking, for my titles, my journaling and quotes. I love fonts, and have thousands on my computer. In fact, I actually have so many fonts on my computer that I cannot count them all. And although I do not know the actual number of fonts I have, it’s very easy to find the one I want. All it takes is a few minutes and I can have any font I need that might be perfect for my layouts. There’s two … Continue reading

Finding Scrapbooking Fonts

There are many different ways to tell our stories on our scrapbook pages. Through pictures, embellishments, and words we share our memories with others. The words we write can be enhanced by choosing a font that goes with the style on out page. There are many sites that sell fonts or offer free fonts. I would like to share a few of my favorite places to find fonts to use on your scrapbook pages. When you are purchasing a font, I recommend that you look for True Type Fonts because they are usually the most readable and will load easily … Continue reading