We Believe in Grace, Too.

Grace is a beautiful word. It has many meanings. However, the type of grace I am talking about is the grace of God. Many religions believe that they are saved by grace. Some believe by simply accepting Christ into your heart, you are saved. Do Mormons believe in grace? The simple answer is, yes. But, maybe not in the same way that others believe in grace. However, I feel like grace is something that us Mormons forget about. So much so that sometimes, I think we forget that we also are saved by God’s grace. A book that changed the … Continue reading

What’s Holding You Back?

Logan and I both went to the doctor today. We both have Influenza Type A, which basically means we both have this tiny microscopic germ that has taken over our bodies and left us feeling rather miserable. Not only are we both feeling a little miserable, we’ve also been banned from going back to school for the rest of the week. Logan’s not too concerned about this of course, but I know it will leave me trying to play catch-up in the weeks to come, which as a single mother is rather daunting in and of itself, but to be … Continue reading

A Clean Slate

Forgiveness is a tricky thing. When someone has hurt you over and over and over again it’s hard to set it aside. The more you let it fester the deeper the pain becomes and the more difficult it is to let it go. There have been many men in my life that I feel have ill-treated me. They betrayed me and taken advantage of me time and time again. What’s more their actions have affected my son, which seems unforgiveable. I love my son more than anything in this world, and to know that he has been hurt, breaks my … Continue reading

Can You Forgive?

Forgiveness, it’s a word we often hear in church. In fact, we hear about forgiveness every time we say the Lord’s Prayer. But how much notice do we take of it? Or do we skim over that bit? Forgiveness sound good when we’re on the receiving end of it from God or from others but its not always so easy when we’re on the other end. It’s not always easy to do. Our minister gave a great talk last week and the theme was forgiveness. It is something that is sadly needed in our marriages, in our relationships with family … Continue reading

A Lesson in Repentance

Today I was sitting at home doing some Saturday chores when there came a knock on my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone, so I went to the door not knowing what to expect. I opened the door, and a man and boy from my ward stood on my doorstep. I greeted them and asked how I could help, and the answer startled me. They were there to tell me that the boy and his cousin had damaged our rock wall a few days earlier. My husband had come home from work that day to find pieces of the rock wall … Continue reading

What Sort of Advertisement Are You?

Have you ever thought of yourself as an advertisement for the Christian faith and for Jesus? Because that’s what we are in a sense, an advertisement or ambassador for Jesus, 2 Corinthians 5:20. Does the thought that you are an ambassador for Jesus scare you? I admit sometimes it scares me. Whether we like it or not the world is watching us and the way we behave. If others see that we don’t act or speak any differently than that rest of society, they are going to conclude that our faith is of little value. That there is ‘no point … Continue reading

The Church is Full of Hypocrites

The church is full of hypocrites. Have you ever heard that comment? Maybe you’ve even said it or thought it yourself? There are times when I feel like a hypocrite. For example the other day I let frustration and anger get the better of me. Afterwards I felt awful about the situation. But sadly, as is so often the case, it wasn’t something I could go back and fix. I was left replaying the situation over and over in my mind. Then on Sunday I was up leading the singing in church. I felt like the biggest hypocrite, even more … Continue reading

Essentials for a Happy Lasting Marriage -Part 2

Yesterday I looked at five essentials for a happy lasting marriage. Today I am continuing with another five essentials. 6. Forgiveness Married life isn’t always go to go along smoothly. We all do things wrong and things that hurt or upset our spouse. It’s how we choose to deal with those things that is important. We can hold grudges and sulk but it never achieves anything, or we can choose to forgive them and move on. Forgiveness doesn’t just happen. It is a choice, a decision of willingness to forgive. The old adage about not going to bed angry is … Continue reading

What Makes a Good Marriage Partner?

Most of us dream at some stage of the person we will marry. Some of us even set down a few ideas or a checklist of what we’d like in a mate. But what really makes a good marriage partner. When I asked Mick this question he came up with the answer. ‘Me,’ he said jokingly. While I agree wholeheartedly, we then started to talk more about it in depth. The list he came up with was similar to mine. Here’s our ideas. A good marriage partner is someone who: 1. puts their spouse and their needs first. That means … Continue reading

Protecting Your Marriage

Most people don’t think twice about insuring their home or car or things that are valuable. They don’t think twice about installing security measures like screens and alarms. But what about protecting your marriage? What can you and I do to protect our marriages? Here are some suggestions. And no, these aren’t all mine. Many came from families.com members. Respect and being careful about the way we talk to our spouse. It was interesting to see how many of you mentioned this as essential. No marriage is great absolutely great all the time. Your spouse isn’t perfect and neither are … Continue reading