Free or Cheap Scrapbooking Embellishments

We all know scrapbooking supplies are expensive. Have you ever walked down the aisles of your local craft or scrapbooking supply store and see what they charge for so called embellishments? Did you know that you can get some of the same items for a lot less? Eyelets and Snaps – These can be purchased from office supply stores, clothing stores and even online in bulk amounts and altered to fit your projects. Just use some inks, paints or embossing powders and you can make them any color that fits your scrapbooking page. Silk Flowers – They look exactly like … Continue reading

Fix up those Finds

I stopped in dollar store to pick up some stocking stuffers when my husband and I were out Christmas shopping. It’s a chain store, so I’ll have to go to one closer to home to see if they have the same or similar items. I found nice pieces for ceramic bath set there. I had promised myself not to buy anything that wasn’t Christmas gift related or a necessity, so I didn’t buy them at the time, but I rather wish that I had. They weren’t the color I wanted but they were large, heavy ceramic pieces. I had seen … Continue reading