The Dilemma of Friends Spending the Night

There is an interesting dilemma taking place in our home with regard to my children’s friends. I always enjoy having them over and sometimes spending the night. I definitely prefer everyone hanging out here, where I can keep a better eye on things. But recently the issue of having friends sleep over has changed a bit. My youngest son, who is in 7th grade, has friends that are either in his grade or 8th. A couple of those guy friends (who are in 8th grade) are also friends with my 9th grade daughter. I have no problem with her hanging … Continue reading

Best Friends

As a parent, I am so grateful for Hailey’s friends. As a single parent I am doubly grateful. It’s so important to talk to your kids, but that doesn’t mean our kids always talk to us. They need friends to talk to, friends who sympathize and understand. All we can do is hope they make good choices with those friends so they are not being given hurtful advice. I have been so lucky; Hailey has had some amazing friends. Girls and boys that I love to have around. She met her best friend on the first day of kindergarten and … Continue reading

Friends Help Each Other

We all know the value of a good friend or buddy. But did you know it happens in the plant world too? Plants will benefit from the friend or buddy system and you will end up with healthier plants that grow better, yield more and attract less garden pests. It’s a matter of knowing which plants will grow happily together in what is called companion planting. As you know I’m not the gardener in our family, Mick is. Mick often uses this buddy or friends system of companion planting. Some are really obvious like where one is a low growing … Continue reading

For the Strength of Youth Series: Friends

Growing up, I always had good friends. In my first high school, I chose a quiet group of LDS kids to hang around with and I always felt like my standards were respected. I don’t think they were ever challenged. My second high school was also like this. I quickly found friends in seminary and at church, and these friends were instrumental in helping me gain confidence and self-understanding in a turbulent time. In fact, it wasn’t until the end of my undergraduate degree while studying in England that I became close friends with people of other faiths. Call me … Continue reading

What I Love About Being Married

We see so much about the negatives and sad stories of marriages that I thought I’d tell you some of the things I love about being married. Maybe you’ll agree with some of them. I love that after all these years, I’d still rather be with him than anyone else and I know he feels the same about me. I love going to bed and curling up together at night and waking up with him still there in the morning wrapped together. When we first got married, Mick found whenever he moved over I did too, till he was balanced … Continue reading

Advantages to Having Your Teen’s Friends Over

When I was younger, especially as a teen, my parents rarely allowed friends to come over. I think it mostly had to do with the fact that they didn’t want to be bothered or deal with the noise. In all honesty I can relate. My kids are on spring break this week and of course they have all these plans for their friends to come over. Since I work from home, it seems almost logical that all the friends would come here. A part of me wants to say no. I still have work to do and frankly, I don’t … Continue reading

Things Married Friends Do That Annoy Single Parents

Over the years many of my friends have been guilty of at least one of the annoying habits listed below. Although they’re famous for trying to make me feel better, help out, and be supportive, at times they can do the exact opposite. As a single parent, have you run across any of these situations? Friends Who Ask About Your Ex Whether you’ve been divorced for six months or six years, for some reason I always run into friends who want to know how my ex is doing. Since we didn’t part on the best of terms, I honestly don’t … Continue reading

More Issues to Think About

My last several blogs have been inspired by my reading Waiting Child: How the Faith and Love of One Orphan Saved the Life of Another. While the heart of the story is four-year-old Jaclyn’s campaign to get the toddler boy she’d cared for in the orphanage into a family as well, many other issues are raised. I’ve discussed the question of “required donations” and the needs of children who have been forced into caretaker roles while still very young. Other issues which came up in the book included the author’s daughter asking her how children were chosen for adoption, why … Continue reading

Tips for Stress Free Entertaining for You and Your Spouse- Part 2

Here are more tips for stress free entertaining for you and your spouse. 4. Know Your Spouse Growing up I don’t remember my parents entertaining a lot and Mick said the same about this parents. We got to wondering if it was because our fathers where both quiet men who didn’t like a lot of people? They just liked to come home and relax after a hard day at work and not have to make conversation, and the same applied on weekends. 5. Do they Get Along? Consider too, are the people you want to invite mutual friends? Do the … Continue reading

The Danger of Christmas

Following on from Mary Ann’s blog, it is especially important to remember at Christmas when there are Christmas parties happening and lots of events where people have at times had a few drinks. At such times sometimes fuelled by alcohol the inhibitions can tend to relax a little. And so we may need to be a little more vigilant about keeping that hedge up. We have some friends with whom we are on a hugs and kisses, hello and goodbye basis. Since I believe a kiss is a sensual thing, Outside of my husband and adult children no one else … Continue reading