Making Math Fun

Just because your child doesn’t easily makes sense of math now, doesn’t mean he’s doomed to fail as a future number cruncher.  There are plenty of kids, who struggle with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in their early years, and then something finally clicks, and they end up as successful accountants or actuaries. To ensure that your homeschooled student achieves success in the world of mathematics, don’t rely solely on memorization.  Having children memorize math facts without teaching them why the answer is correct often leads to future problems. Kids will be much more receptive to learning math if you … Continue reading

Why Do We Call It a Ring Finger?

The third finger on our left hands is our ring finger. It’s the ring we place engagement rings on and wear we wear our wedding rings. It’s a very important finger in the grand scheme of things. But where do all of these different finger meanings come from. The Ring Finger Well over 2000 years ago, Greek physicians believed that a special vein of love connected the ring finger to the heart. Because of this, the finger became naturally associated with affairs of the heart and placing a ring on it bound the heart to a commitment. The ring finger … Continue reading