More Viral Animal Emails: Doggone Hysterical

Previously I wrote about viral emails I’m guilty of spreading and ones that have tugged at my heart. Well, here’s some that I’ve found just doggone hysterical. Off the Mark Cartoons My neighbor Marlene forwarded an email with “From a dog’s point of view” in the subject line. It contained a bunch of Off the Mark cartoons by Mark Parisi. These were cartoons I’d never seen before and had me in stitches because I thought they were incredibly clever. My favorites were: • “Aromatherapy Candles” – a dog’s standing in front of a rack of dog rear end candles, with … Continue reading

Friday Frugal Funnies: Several Great Laughs

It has been quite sometime since I’ve posted a Friday frugal funny. I decided it was high time I started getting back into it, but after this week there will be a slight twist. Occasionally you will still find a budgeting, frugal living or saving money joke thrown in here and there, but you will also start to see personal stories. Not mine, well maybe some of mine, but others personal trials and tribulations with frugal living. Everyone who has experimented with frugal living and is still learning the ropes is well aware that there are mishaps that happen. Most … Continue reading

Friday Scrapbook Funnies: How To Get Your Husband To Scrapbook and Like It!

HOW TO GET YOUR HUSBAND TO SCRAPBOOK AND LIKE IT by Nicole Humphrey As it would go, men don’t tend to be the most creative beings on the planet. In fact, creativity for them often entails deciding which chips will taste best and compliment the sports team he’s watching on TV. But in reality, men are really creative and can enjoy our hobby as much as we do. (ok, perhaps NOT as much, but maybe at least half as much). To begin, you need to purchase your husband a camera. I strongly recommend a digital camera with an automatic setting. … Continue reading

Friday Funnies – A Scrapper’s Quote

I scrapbook, therefor I am – a quote collector. I just love quotes and I have an entire composition book that I use primarily for my quote collection. Sometimes when I see a quote it just makes me happy and I know it’s one for my book. I have included some really cute and fun quotes to use in your scrapbooks about your actual scrapbooking hobby!! Yes, you SHOULD be doing pages about your hobby! Here are some fabulous quotes to get you inspired: All the world is a scrapbook… and I know the layout! Don’t Worry, Be Scrappy Been … Continue reading

Friday Scrapbooking Funnies: Some Giggles and Laughs

Friday’s here and the weekend is looming ahead! The first full week my children have been back in school. They are loving it and I’m getting much more done around the house. My two oldest are still home, but I don’t mind! I’d be lonely if they weren’t. I have been getting a bit more scrapbooking done. I just got a huge order of fifty something photos in the mail today, so guess I have to find some scrapbooking time this weekend too! With all the creative tips and tricks, and all the great products mentioned in the scrapbooking blog … Continue reading

Friday Frugal Funnies: Humor The Frugal Way

Another weekend is upon us. I’m relieved it’s finally here, since we had such a busy week! Three of our youngest children began school yesterday – year round school district – and getting everyone back on a routine (what routine?) has been difficult to say the least! Plus we still have the two older one’s home everyday and keeping them entertained and not bored without the younger ones, has been interesting to say the least. Thank goodness they have each other! I’m definitely ready for a little humor this weekend and some fun family time with no stress. I hope … Continue reading

Friday Funnies: Top Ten Things That Annoy Adoptee’s

Adoption is such a serious subject most of the time. And typically anything going on in a search or reunion is not a laughing matter. But sometimes it helps to step back and just laugh at all we go through. I am well-known on my other blogs as always hosting a Friday funny. Obviously I’d like to keep the trend up over here on the adoption blog too. Some things that I post are original and are things that I wrote myself, but most of the items were collected by me during my search. I’ve held onto all of these … Continue reading

Friday Funnies: Some Frugal Humor

Hope your week has been a good one. TGIF! I am so happy the weekend is finally here, as we’ve had a busy week and have several things to accomplish this weekend. This is our last weekend before our three youngest return to school next Thursday! So we will be shopping for school supplies and a first day of school outfit for three of them! To end the week on a great note, here are a few funny budget/saving money related jokes to end your week on laughter, and start your weekend on a smile! Two accountants are in a … Continue reading

Taking Toddlers To Movies—Are you NUTS?

Have you tried taking your toddler to a movie lately? I did. I haven’t done it since. I remember I took my first child to a movie for the first time when he was three. He did beautifully. Then again, he was a sitter. He didn’t even like to play on his tummy when he was a baby, rather, he liked to lay on his back and kick his feet into the air. My daughter, on the other hand, was on the go as soon as possible. Racing here and there and everywhere—exhausting her mommy. So, why did I choose … Continue reading

Friday Funnies: Living On A Budget

Another summer week is over and we are still having a blast with the kids home from school. Everyday is a new memory created as we strive to do fun things with them, that we might not always do. I strive to create special memories and start new summer traditions as the kids get older, and this summer is no different. We’ve decided to implement a picnic in the park idea at least twice a month (me and the kids, haven’t discussed it with dad just yet!) Each time we’ll try out a new park until we find one that … Continue reading