Don’t Make These Garage Sale Mistakes

Will your garage sale be a success or a flop. Sometimes it depends on avoiding the common garage sale mistakes. If you are planning a garage sale, make sure that you don’t get caught up in any of the following. Pricing Too High Sure, you may be able to get $5 a piece for clothing at an outgrown sale or $30 for that great toy on eBay, but garage sale shoppers are looking for a bargain. They won’t pay book prices, ever. Price your items low and make up the difference in volume. Many times we price items high because … Continue reading

Where to Sell Your Stuff

You’ve gone through the house and decluttered the lot. You are living more simply and more organized, and you finally have space to breath. Or maybe you just want to clear out some things that have been taking over your home. Whatever the reason you have taken the step to clear the clutter, you can profit beyond having a neater place to live. Sell your excess stuff and get the cash. There are many places where you can sell your stuff and make some money. It all depends on what you have, how much time you are willing to spend … Continue reading

Maximize Your Garage Sale Income

Need a quick $200, $300, $500 or even more? Why not hold a garage sale in the next few months? You’ll clean out your clutter and make some extra cash for the upcoming summer season! It is a win-win situation. To maximize your garage sale income, you’ll need to make sure of a few things: Your sale has a good selection of items You have a lot of traffic to your sale You make your sale easy to shop You price your items correctly. Let us take a look at the above factors in more detail. A Good Selection of … Continue reading

Getting Ready to Shop Yard Sales

I am anxious to visit my first garage sales of the Spring, look through other people’s stuff and get some shopping done. I usually look for children’s clothing and small househol d items, but sometimes our hunt includes other things, such as a snowblower or particular toy wants from the kids. Since I have all of this downtime before anyone around here has the confidence of hosting a yard sale without cold or snow, I’m going to be using that time to get my yard sale list together. The list will have any wants or needs on it, including the clothing … Continue reading

Organizing Items for a Yard Sale

Even though we haven’t quite left winter yet, it is still a good time to start preparing for your yard sale. Having a yard sale can bring you in some extra income that you can use for bills, for paying off debt or for something fun like a vacation! Here are some steps that you can take to plan for a successful yard sale. Set Your Staging Area Before you get started, designate a room, part of a room, a garage, a porch or a basement to be your staging area. This is where you will sort, price and store … Continue reading

Our MultiFamily Yard Sale

Yesterday, we had a big multi-family blow out yard sale. Six different families gathered on one lawn to display our wares. It was unlike any other yard sale that I have ever done, and I learned a few things along the way. Coordinating a Multi Family Sale There are special considerations to deal with when you are trying to coordinate multiple families into your yard sale. There are a lot of positive benefits to having a multi family sale, especially if you live in a semi-rural area, such as we do. Larger sales will bring out the shoppers, and I … Continue reading

Down and Dirty Yard Sale Tips

Thinking about hosting a yard sale soon? Then you will really want to pay attention to the following tips. You’ll get the most impact for a successful and profitable yard sale if you follow this advice. Be a salesman When you are having your sale, be very friendly and outgoing. Greet anyone who comes to your sale, tell them that you are open to offers and available for help. Leave your guests alone to shop and don’t hover, but be within range in case they have questions. Offer some refreshments and a free table to draw people in and make … Continue reading

Organize a Neighborhood Garage Sale

Shopping and holding garage sales can be very frugal. But when you organize your garage sale into a neighborhood or multi-family sale, your tightwad ways can really pay off. It is a great time in our country to organize a neighborhood garage sale. Many people are newly discovering frugality and living simply, which means that more people are willing to get rid of excess possessions at garage sales or pick up new purchases second hand instead of running to the store. Having a neighborhood garage sale can pay off in a number of ways. First of all, it makes the … Continue reading

Common Prices for Yard Sale Items

From furniture to toys, pricing your yard sale items properly can mean the difference between making a good amount of money and having a lot of leftover stuff. And don’t think that you can just have another yard sale later for the stuff that didn’t sell. Yard sale shoppers will remember those addresses that had high prices and are likely to avoid them. In general, here are some suggested prices for common items at a yard sale that will make them sell quickly: Books: 25 cents for paperbacks and $1 for hardcovers. Offer a bundle deal such as 5 paperbacks … Continue reading

How to Price Garage Sale Items

If you want to have a successful yard sale and make a good profit, you’ll need to know how to price items to sell. Here are some helpful tips. And be sure to look for a second post in this series that serves as a guide for common yard sale items and what they should priced. Know Your Region Yard sale prices can vary according to the part of the country that you are in, and what people are looking to buy. The best way to figure out how to price your items is to go around to other yard … Continue reading