Come on Really!

Shouldn’t family be there for you no matter what? This is a question that I find myself asking as I sit in my husband’s hospital room. His family only calls or comes around when he is sick; now that does not make any sense to me. Shouldn’t family be there whether you are sick or not? Should brothers and sisters only call when you are in the hospital? Should they only be able to find time to visit when you are in the hospital? When he is in the hospital they find time to spend with him any other time … Continue reading

The Non-Lunch Making Mom

The other day my 17-year-old son was complaining that I never make lunch for him and my other two children. I thought he was joking at first. I mean, first of all, my children are 12, 14 and 17 years old. They can certainly make their own lunch. But more importantly, I am working. I don’t know if other home business professionals can relate but it is sometimes very difficult for the family to understand and respect your time working. My family has gotten better but obviously there are still some expectations that they have. For a moment guilt attempted … Continue reading

It’s Official We Are A Family

Rebecca is officially free for adoption! We had already finalized Steve and George’s adoption they are officially ours. The time has come to make Rebecca ours as well. In our hearts and minds she was already a Woolard but on paper and legally she was a ward of the state. The court date came pretty quick because we had already had her in our custody for the mandatory 6 months. The court procedures are pretty basic, you walk in with your lawyer and the judge asks if we want to adopt the child. If the child is old enough they … Continue reading

Family Fitness with Your 5 to 10 Year Old

In my last blog I talked about family fitness with your toddler. In this blog I am going to be talking about family fitness with your 5 to 10 year old. This age range allows for a lot of fun opportunities. While you can enjoy a lot of the more common physical activities with this age group (playing catch, soccer, walking, etc.), you can also come up with some really creative ideas for incorporating exercise. One idea is to go on a scavenger hunt. Now this might not sound like a way to incorporate fitness but that’s what makes it … Continue reading

The Ebb and Flow of Marriage

Like the tides that ebb and flow, so do marriages…seasons and times where things go down but then come back up again. Sometimes these ups and downs are caused by real troubles in life. It could be a job change, sickness, financial difficulties, rebellious children and other family problems. When life is on an even keel then we might feel like our marriage is flowing along smoothly. But there are other times in our marriage when the ebb and flow isn’t caused by obvious life challenges. Sometimes we go through moments in our marriage when we allow feelings to dictate … Continue reading

Your Home Business Is Part of Your Family

Like it or not, when you decide to run a home business it is not just about you. It becomes a part of your family. Part of the reason is that you can’t separate it from your family as much as you can a job that you go to outside of the home. It is there in front of everyone. It is accessible. It may even affect your family, good and bad. So you have to be very careful that your home business never becomes a replacement for time spent with family or in any way becomes more important than … Continue reading

Lilly Diabetes – Disney Partnership

Learning to live with diabetes, especially type 1, is a hard adjustment for anyone. But it might be the hardest for children. Now suddenly kids have an adult responsibility in watching what they eat while most other children around them consume whatever they want. Enter the Lilly Diabetes organization’s new partnership with Disney. Stitch Kingdom reports on the measures the diabetes awareness and research company has taken with Disney Online and Disney Publishing to raise public cognizance of the disease and to help families who struggle with it. The Lilly-Disney partnership takes two forms: a new subset of the Disney … Continue reading

Our First Christmas

This was going to be our first Christmas as parents and we were very excited. I had a definite plan in my mind about how we wanted to have our Christmas and unfortunately it did not match the way my in-laws expected it to be. They wanted us to come over Christmas Eve and then come back on Christmas day. Now my mother in law had the Christmas Eve celebration the same way every single year. It started at the same time every time; she wanted it to start at 6. Her evening is scheduled that we would go over, … Continue reading

Are You Putting Other Things Before Your Husband’s Happiness?

There could be some very big changes coming to my family, which will definitely affect my marriage. My husband applied for a new job and has to call today to set up the interview appointment. The reason this would be such a change is because it is a traveling job. Now if this opportunity had come up even a couple of years ago, I would have been completely against the idea. I would never have thought that my husband traveling could be a good thing for our family. But to be honest, that really would have been rooted in selfishness. … Continue reading

A Parent’s Fatal Mistake

You may have heard the horrifying and tragic story of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzy, savagely killed and dismembered in New York. Although it has been all over the news, I first read about the arrest of his murderer when I was searching for traffic accident stories for one of my freelance writing gigs. The headline blazed across the computer and I honestly wanted to vomit. I won’t tell you the details. But as I read the news story, tears ran down my face. This little boy was simply lost and looking for directions. But he came across the wrong person to … Continue reading