Get Rid of Clutter for Free

No one likes to live a life full of clutter, yet not too many people want to clean it all up. Taking the time to de-clutter your home can take you away from more important things. This is why I like to focus on removing clutter in those little in-between spaces of time when you can’t really do anything else. These spaces of time are free in my opinion. If you do a bit of de-cluttering during them, you are accomplishing something without taking time away from anything else. Here are some examples of getting rid of clutter for free. … Continue reading

Use Kitchen Cabinet Doors to get more Organized

You have probably seen various organizers that hang inside kitchen cabinet doors for storing plastic wrap, sandwich bags, and aluminum foil. You may even have some of these handy items, but this is a little different. This tip will not only help you protect your favorite recipe cards, but it will also keep your best recipes easily accessible, and help you make a quick shopping list. First, you can either copy your recipes onto new 3” x 5” cards, or simply type (or copy and paste) them into a document on your computer and print off the pages. Pick up … Continue reading

It’s About Time You Get Organized!

One of the biggest challenges that face scrapbookers, is getting themselves, and their supplies organized. Organization is key to a more relaxed life. It can mean the difference between spending a productive hour scrapbooking, and a non-productive fifteen minutes. The problem is, that for every scrapbooker, there is a method of organization is right and that is wrong for the individual. So it has become about discovering what works best for you, what keeps you most productive and what gives you the most time and sense of organization. With all of the creative items that scrapbookers use, hoard or just … Continue reading