Overwhelmed with Your Genealogy?

Once you get started with your genealogy you may begin to feel overwhelmed. There is so much research to do, and you can continue to go back for generations. It can be overwhelming because each generation you go back creates a new line to research. The tree branches out backwards and forwards from you. If you find yourself overwhelmed here are some tips to help you break down your research. First you should focus on one family line at a time. This should be specific, such as your father’s father’s line. Then set a goal of how far you want … Continue reading

Getting Started: What Do I Need?

If you are just beginning your genealogy journey you may be wondering what you need in order to do the research. The Internet, online access to census information and databases have made having a computer and Internet access much more important to making your research easier. However you can still do the research if you do not have a computer at home. You can visit a genealogy center, your library or a family history center to complete the research. Computer Programs and Basic Information You need to have the basic information to have a starting point. This can be as … Continue reading

Getting Started: Where Do I Start?

If you have never done genealogy before you may be wondering where to start and what to do. First you should realize that genealogy is the study of your ancestry and through it you can learn where your family came from. It allows you to learn more about your past, your heritage and your family. It can be overwhelming and difficult when you think about how to start. Your family tree stretches back forever, and there is so much information available. The easiest place to start is with what you know. You can begin by jotting down names or using … Continue reading

How Much of Your Own Money Should You Invest?

One of the big realities of starting a home-based business is that, like any small business, we have to invest time and money at the onset in order to get the enterprise off the ground. At the planning stages, therefore, it is important to calculate your initial expenses and try to figure out how much of your own money you are able to invest in order to get the business started… If you have ever done any research on purchasing a franchise or an existing business, you will know that they all have different “up front” capital investment requirements. Some … Continue reading

I Want to Know How to Get Conditioned

Welcome to Monday morning and to the next installment in our I Want to Know series. Mondays are hard days for me, at least lately, with my amount of time spent subbing increasing, I have to be more creative about getting my exercise in along with my writing and time with my daughter. A couple of weeks ago, I asked and you answered. Several of you wanted to know how to get in better condition whether it was just to tone up or to trim down. Exercise is a great way to get the body in shape, the mind sharper … Continue reading

Top Five Basic Scrapbooking Supplies

A beginner to scrapbooking can be overwhelmed by all of the tools, gadgets, embellishments and supplies that almost seem needed to create beautiful layouts. With all of the items for sale in a scrapbook shop, it’s a wonder that many people consider scrapbooking an expensive hobby. However, it really isn’t. It can be rewarding, satisfying and can preserve every memory you are desiring, for not much money at all. These are the top five basic scrapbooking supplies that you need to get started in this wonderful hobby. 1. An Album – I do not ever recommend a spiral type album … Continue reading

Home Decorating: Where Do I Start?

This is a great time of year to start new home decorating projects, but where should you start? Sometimes, figuring that out is the most difficult task. Maybe you don’t have anything specific in mind, but you know you want a change of scenery. Whether you just want to do a little updating or you hope to completely makeover one room or you entire home, the tips will help you get started: What’s My Motivation? First, figure out why you want to change a certain space. Is it out of style, looking worse for wear, has it outgrown its usefulness … Continue reading

Fast Start: Hurrying Up While Waiting

You’ve probably heard international adoption called a “hurry-up and wait” game. Meaning, that you are often in a mad hurry to fulfill every request for a document or signature, lest you miss the monthly meeting of the Romanian adoption committee by one day, or your social worker doesn’t get a chance to fax her counterpart before her vacation, or whatever, and you miss another precious month of your child’s infancy. Then, you don’t hear back from anyone for weeks. Sometimes slow and steady is okay. You focus on your work, or your other kids, or whatever, sending out questionnaires to … Continue reading

The Elusive Homeschooling Schedule

Anyone who has been homeschooling for awhile can tell you that getting your kids into the mindset of doing school at the kitchen table is tricky. Regardless of whether you’re starting out homeschooling or whether you’ve pulled your kids from public school, setting a routine is the very first challenge of a homeschooling mother. Unfortunately, I cannot offer you the schedule to beat all schedules that works for every kid. That’s the great thing about homeschooling–you can individualize your instruction to suit the needs of each different kid. I can tell you that having a rigid routine and a set … Continue reading

Choosing Your Curriculum

So you’ve decided to home school. You’ve started to put together the paperwork that you need to satisfy your legal requirements (if you have legal requirements). You even manage to go to one of those home schooling conferences thinking that you’ll buy your curriculum there. You make it to the vendor hall, take a step inside. . .and are greeted by no less than 100 tables all touting products that they say you desparately need. How on earth do you begin to shift through the maze of curriculum options and make a decision? When I first started, I happened to … Continue reading