Last-Minute Teacher Gifts

It’s nearly Christmas. Are you looking for a homemade teacher gift for your child’s teacher? Teachers work very hard all year, and Christmas is a good time to show them how much they are appreciated. Whether you’re making something for a soccer coach, Girl Scout leader, or your child’s classroom teacher,here are some ideas for last-minute Christmas gifts. 1. A homemade card I volunteer in a number of ways in the community. I always appreciate the thought behind a homemade card. I don’t need a lot of things, but a message of love in a card is always appreciated. 2. … Continue reading

Fun Holiday Gifts and Crafts for Toddlers

If you are trying to navigate the holiday season on a tight budget this year, you are not alone. Many people, parents of toddlers included, are looking for ways to make merry for less. Whether your desire to cut back on spending is motivated by necessity or simply a desire to live a little more simply, here are some ideas that you might want to use this year. For your toddler, here are a few ideas. One thing that you can do is to round up any old, broken crayons that are lying around. Home made “crazy crayons”, made from pieces … Continue reading

Should you buy your child’s therapist a gift?

Every holiday season, there are countless newspaper articles enlightening the general public on which service sector employees should or should not receive a gift or be compensated with a generous holiday tip of some kind. In my opinion, it has gotten completely out of control, and I, for one, do not appreciate “society” pressuring me into doing something I would not normally do otherwise. It is the same reason I absolutely refuse to celebrate “Sweetest Day.” That said, my wife and I really like Lily’s speech therapist, and we did give her a $10 gift card to Starbucks this past … Continue reading

When You Love Someone

When you love someone it doesn’t matter what you do. Just being together is enough. Saturday was one of those together days and evenings for Mick and me. While the washing was in the machine, immediately after breakfast we went to the local markets where we bought fresh fruit from the orchard and those vegetables, Mick hasn’t got ready in our own garden, we bought fresh from the market garden. We also found a Christmas gift at one of the stalls and then Mick bought me a silver bracelet for no reason except that I admired it. He’s a sweetie … Continue reading

Preserving Mother’s Day Gifts

It is only a few days before Mother’s Day. Are you ready? One of the gifts that we usually give and get on Mother’s Day is flowers. Wouldn’t it be nice to preserve the gift to last longer than the few days before it wilts? How about preserving cards and other memories of the day? Here are some ideas. For cards and home made drawings, why not frame them and hang them on the wall. You can create a collage or pick one or two special paper memories and hang them in individual frames. One cute area for this is … Continue reading

Inexpensive Co-Worker Gifts

Do you know what to give on Secretary’s Day (Administrative Assistant’s Day) or Boss’s Day? Or how about to celebrate another holiday or a promotion? Getting nice gifts for the people you work with doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are some great ideas for inexpensive co-worker gifts. Personalized Photo Cards Scan photos from your co-worker’s desk, and then have the files made into note cards. You may save even more money by purchasing note cards and then printing the photos with your home printer. Tie the cards with a ribbon and add envelopes. You can even add the … Continue reading

Frugal Gift Ideas For Teachers

Teachers are special people in our lives. Often they are almost like another parent to our child, striving to make a difference in the lives of the children they teach. At Christmas or even end of the school year, gift giving is a small gesture to let the teacher know how much you appreciate all that they have done for your child. Finding the perfect gift for a teacher can be difficult. As a former teacher myself, I, like many of my co-workers, appreciated anything I received and even still use many of the items today. However, an often found … Continue reading

Holiday Scrapbooking Gift Ideas

If you are trying to come up with the perfect gift for someone on your list, why not take a look in your scrapbook area or room and see what you can create that would make the perfect gift. There are dozens of items you can make that would bring a smile to anyones face. Here are a few ideas to get you started on the creative thinking process. Scrapbook Page Using your papers and supplies create a beautiful page just like you would ordinarily for your albums. Instead of slipping it into a page protector, instead purchase a frame … Continue reading

A Great Gift that is Frugal and Patriotic

Looking for an inexpensive gift that will thrill anyone who is a veteran or patriotic? This idea is unique and costs only $20 or less. I was so excited to find out about this idea, because it is the perfect gift for a very special member of my family. I know he will love it, and what’s more, it is very inexpensive, especially compared to the impact it will have. Did you know that you can give someone an actual flag that has flown over the capitol? And even better, you can request that your flag is flown on a … Continue reading

Last Minute Frugal Gift Ideas (2)

Still trying to find that perfect last minute gift for someone on your shopping list? Or perhaps you found yourself the recipient of an unexpected gift from a friend, neighbor or co-worker. The frugal side of me says we don’t have to get a gift for every person that buys for us, especially if we wouldn’t normally exchange with that person. However, the practical side of me tells me that I love to give gifts and that I would feel horribly guilty at not getting them at least something. Here are a few more ideas to keep you from stressing … Continue reading