Frugal Gift Basket: Romance at Home

I love making and giving (and receiving) homemade gift baskets. They are fun and frugal. Gift baskets can be individually customized to the recipient, which makes for a very thoughtful gift. Alternatively, gift baskets can be created to make money. I know at least three moms who have turned making gift baskets into a work-at-home business. Right now, since it is so close to Christmas, one of our local craft stores is doing a special on baskets. They are priced at two baskets for $7 and come in all shapes and sizes. That is a great deal, considering that a … Continue reading

Gift Basket for Dad

You can find baskets anywhere and there are many available in cute shapes including sports themes. Find a unique basket or make one for Dad yourself then fill it with lots of things he likes. Coil Basket For a masculine touch, use denim for this project. If you have cut off a pair of jeans, the excess will work perfectly. Cut the pieces into long strips about an inch wide. Braid the strips together then tie a knot in one end. Sew the other end or apply hot glue to keep it from unraveling. Starting with the knot, begin coiling … Continue reading

Altered Art: The Paint Can

The latest rage is scrapbooking seems to be altered art. Altered art defined is when you take something that isn’t necessarily a scrapbooking supply or item and turn it into a work of art. Many different items can be altered and turned into gifts for others. I have seen some exotic items altered including boxes, books, clip boards and more. Paint Cans seem to be one of the favorites amongst altered items right now. People have been altering paint cans for a couple of years and they are very impressive. Most altered paint cans become gifts for others. They are … Continue reading