Customized Christmas Gifts

Do you get into wrapping perfect presents? Does every crease have to be just so, every corner precisely folded, and does the ribbon have to match the color of the wrapping paper perfectly? If you get as excited by the presentation as you do by the present itself, check out some of these custom ideas: Custom Gift Tags If you scrapbook, you probably already have lots of tools that can help you make terrific custom gift tags. Simply using scissors that create a decorative edge can help you transform many different types of materials into great tags. If you like … Continue reading

Make Your Own Gift Tags

One of the easiest ways to create your own gift tags is to simply draw some and cut them out from plain, print, or solid colored paper. You can use construction paper, cardstock, or anything else you like. You can also cut designs from covers of Christmas cards. This is a great way to make use of elements you already have around the house. To make them even nicer, punch a hole in one end and add some pretty string, yarn, ribbon. Another fun idea is to design your own gift tags on your computer. From the simplest program like … Continue reading

Holiday Gift Tags

Handmade Gift Tags In addition to scrapbooking with my stash of supplies, I also like to find other ways to put my paper and embellishments to good use. This past week I created a few Christmas gift tags out of my supplies. This was such a fun way to use my supplies and create something meaningful that will add a special touch to a special gift. Here are some pictures of the tags: The tags were really fast and easy to make and will add a nice touch to gifts this Christmas. Here is the short list of supplies that … Continue reading