Frugal Gift Wrap Ideas

Any frugalista knows that you should purchase your gift wrap and holiday paper during post Christmas sales to stock up for the year. At many of the Hobby Stores and Pharmacy chain stores, you can easily find it for 75% to 90% off. This can easily save you $100 to $200 in gift wrap costs for the year. But what do you do when have run out of gift wrap or (gasp) didn’t make it to the post Christmas sales? You find free options around your home for wrapping gifts. Here are some things you can try. Use your origami … Continue reading

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas – Part 2

In my last blog, I had already ventured into the green Christmas territory. I know some are thinking, “Oh no, not Christmas stuff already!” but for others, such as a few of my relatives, Christmas cannot get here soon enough. Here are a few more ideas for greening up your Christmas (and I don’t mean with garland!): Here’s an idea that might be hard to grasp – don’t buy gifts just for the sake of buying them. It seems as if most of us have way more than we need anyhow, so if you want to show appreciation this holiday, … Continue reading

Holiday Printables

From gift tags to gift wrap, it is fun and easy to print out your own holiday elements to brighten the season. You’ll use these resources for gift giving, cookie swapping, card sending and more. Christmas Gift Tags The M&M guys are at it again. This time, they are helping us welcome in the holidays with personalized gift tags. There are three colorful tags to choose from. My favorite is the yellow M & M stuck in a stocking. Click here to check them out for yourself. Christmas Tree Wrap Set Coordinate your gift giving with a complete matched … Continue reading

Frugal and Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

‘Tis the season to start thinking about holiday gifts. Have you noticed that gift wrap is getting pretty elaborate and expensive? My son brought home a school fundraiser that featured gift wrap for $12 a roll! And the stores aren’t too much better these days. But why spend so much on wrapping the presents? Use that money instead to buy bigger presents or to save toward other holiday bills. Here are some frugal and creative ways to save on gift wrap, but still provide gift wrap that has impact. The secret to great gift wrapping is to let your imagination … Continue reading

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

Why spend a fortune on gift wrap when you can create beautiful and inspired packages at home? Birthdays, anniversaries and of course Valentines seems as if there is always a present to wrap. While you can shop the after holiday sales for gift wrap and keep it in your gift closet, there are plenty alternatives right now in your home. Why not try some of these ideas or let them inspire your own? Comics for kids: As I mentioned in an earlier blog, Squeezing Money from The Newspaper, the comic strip (or funnies, as my parents always called it) … Continue reading

Include Family Member in Holiday Crafting

This is a busy and special time of year where you may not have time to sit and create many layouts, but you can make some time to create some meaningful gifts and spend quality time with others. I have had a few ideas on ways that you can include others in your holiday creating this year and I would like to share them with you. Make a Gift Album. Since this is a gift-giving time of year, why not make a special album to gift as a gift. You could make the album to commemorate a vacation you took … Continue reading

Party Gift Wrap for Little Or No Cost

Something I have learned over the years is that children LOVE to unwrap a gift. Is there a child that doesn’t just love tearing into that paper? Yes, unfortunately, the gift bag with the pretty tissue paper sticking out is exactly that – pretty. But it’s not fun to just yank tissue paper out! Trust me, it is all in the tearing, and discovery of what’s inside that perfectly wrapped present! So how do you save on wrapping paper? It really does not have to break the bank. Look for alternative methods. Garage sales are one of the most frugal … Continue reading