Celebrity Monday

Sigh! It’s Monday (for a few more hours anyway) and I awoke to the news that one of my favorite actors became a new dad over the weekend. That’s great news, right? Well, to me it is a tad bittersweet. You see; Jason Bateman was my second celebrity crush (Michael J. Fox was my first), but the torched I carried for him took years to dim. One corner of my bedroom was converted into a Jason Bateman shrine and I would have a daily debate with my one of my tween friends as to who was cuter Jason Bateman or … Continue reading

Piercing Your Baby’s Ears

When my daughter was born, a lot of people asked me if I was going to get her ears pierced. After all, my ears are pierced and my husband has one pierced ear. Everyone in the family has pierced ears and several old friends pierced their children’s ears when they were infants. I elected to not pierce my daughter’s ears as an infant primarily because that’s a choice she should be able to make for herself when she is older. I felt this way for any number of reasons, but the largest was that such a change to her body … Continue reading

Scrapbook Kits – MAMBI So Girly

Christmas is over and the New Year has arrived. All the guests are gone and the house is a mess. Sounds like the perfect time to scrapbook and rejuvenate before digging in to restore everything to its proper place. I’m not usually like that, although this year somehow everything is a bit different. The project I’m going to do today is a fun one for sure! My little five year old daughter loves to scrapbook with me, along with so many other things. Her grandma (my mother) knew how much she loved scrapbooking therefore gave her an adorable kit from … Continue reading