Getting Away With The Girls

Do you know what you are getting for Mother’s Day? It may seem like a strange question, especially if you are used to being surprised with spectacular gifts on your big day. However, if you are anything like my sister-in-law, you know exactly what you are getting for Mother’s Day, because you put in your requests right around Easter. Don’t get me wrong. My brother’s wife is very sweet, but her son is not even two yet, so that means my brother is left to do the Mother’s Day gift shopping. Being the wise woman that she is, my sister-in-law … Continue reading

All About Me: Friendships

Friendship is a vital part of who we are. Everyone needs friends, but everyones needs from a friendship are different, just as each friendship itself is different. Some people are content having only one or two very close friends, and others need larger groups of friends. If you have two friends or you have a hundred, commemorating those friendships in your scrapbook album are extremely important. Not to mention that much like “Chicken Soup for the Soul” it does your heart good to remember what makes each friendship you have special. Several months back I created a themed album on … Continue reading

Why Married Women Need Friends

You’ve seen them in the back of the restaurant. You’ve heard their peals of laughter. You’ve heard the group running together every morning. You’ve seen them walking side by side down the street – sometimes they are pushing strollers; sometimes they are just walking together. You’ve seen them sitting together at the park; talking and laughing. Who are they, you ask? The Female Connection Girlfriends are vital for all women. Female friendships are precious commodities for married women. Whether their girlfriends are married or single, mothers or childless, they are the people that we find our precious moments of reprieve … Continue reading