What If I Mess Up?

In Relief Society this past Sunday, we had ward conference. I always love the opportunity to hear the Stake leaders come and speak to us. Our Stake President is 38 years old and has been the stake president for almost 10 years now. He has a great perspective on things, and is very inspiring. The Spirit is always strong when he speaks. He shared a story of teaching his daughter how to ride a bike last week. He spoke of how different she was from the three boys that they had taught how to ride bikes previous to her. The … Continue reading

We Believe in Grace, Too.

Grace is a beautiful word. It has many meanings. However, the type of grace I am talking about is the grace of God. Many religions believe that they are saved by grace. Some believe by simply accepting Christ into your heart, you are saved. Do Mormons believe in grace? The simple answer is, yes. But, maybe not in the same way that others believe in grace. However, I feel like grace is something that us Mormons forget about. So much so that sometimes, I think we forget that we also are saved by God’s grace. A book that changed the … Continue reading

What If We All Showed Love for God and Neighbor?

Another question that was posed in our relief society lesson on Sunday that really stuck with me was, “What would the world be like if everyone showed love for God and Neighbor?” One mom raised her hand and said something along the lines of, “I would not live in fear anymore. I wouldn’t be scared to drop my kids off at school everyday. There would be no fear.” As I sat there thinking about that, I couldn’t help but think, “What would MY life be like without fear?” It was an interesting thought. As a parent, we can’t help but … Continue reading

The First Great Commandment

In the October 2012 general conference, Elder Holland gave a great talk titled, “The First Great Commandment.” That was the talk we discussed in Relief Society this past week. It was a great reminder that we can all be doing more to love God. What really impacted me was the following interpretation by Elder Holland regarding Peter’s exchange with the Lord, who asked him three times, “Lovest Thou Me?” When Peter responded in the affirmative the third time, Elder Holland says, “To which Jesus responded (and here again I acknowledge my nonscriptural elaboration), perhaps saying something like: “Then Peter, why … Continue reading

Serving Others Despite A Busy Life

I have been thinking a lot lately about serving others. At this stage in my life, it feels impossible to reach outside the needs of my own little family that demands so much, to others that might be in need. However, I believe that the Lord expects so much more of each of us. In the book, Daughters in My Kingdom, there is a quote by George Albert Smith that states, “Our eternal happiness will be in proportion to the way that we devote ourselves to helping others.” When you really think about that statement, it is hard not to … Continue reading

Scriptures that Strengthen Me as a Mother

Being a mother is one of the biggest responsibilities in this life. It is not an easy one. It is stressful, and complicated, and tests your patience like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It is wonderful too, but sometimes, I think we as moms need to be reassured, strengthened, and shown love. Unfortunately, we don’t always get that from the little people we take care of. But, there is one person that is there for us, and that is our Heavenly Father. Today I was thinking about some of the scriptures that bring me strength as a mother. And, I immediately … Continue reading

Unexpected Gifts

When I got married 10 years ago, I received a wedding present that was unexpected. It was a beautiful nativity. Since I got married in July, Christmas was definitely not on my mind, and I had never even thought of the fact that I would want a nativity to display in our home. It became my favorite wedding gift that first Christmas that we were married because I realized it was something that I did want, although it was unexpected. It was also something that I could never have afforded at the time, so I appreciated it all the more. … Continue reading

Is Your Life Too Noisy?

We had stake conference this past weekend, and as usual, my husband and I were dreading going with our three small children. It is always difficult to keep them quiet and happy for two straight hours. But, they did great, and I actually heard some of the talks! Our stake president spoke last, and I really liked what he had to say. He shared a story about his teenage niece. He said that at a family Christmas gathering, his kids, and lots of their cousins were hanging out together in the front room of his house. He wasn’t sure what … Continue reading

A Personal Relationship with Heavenly Father

Often I get so caught up in the details of living life from day to day that I forget how important my own personal relationship with Heavenly Father is. It’s all very well and good to keep the commandments, but our spiritual growth needs to take another step, one of seeking every day to strengthen that relationship and nurture it. I think we find it easy to lump the Godhead all into one, but I would like to suggest that as we believe that the Godhead is comprised of three separate beings, that we increase our testimony of and relationships … Continue reading

Computing Review: November 5th Through November 11th

Have you heard of GodTube or Conservapedia? These are Christian-theme websites that are quickly gaining in popularity. You’ll want to check out the article that tells you all about them. Also, we are gearing up here for the holidays. I can’t wait to offer you information and links to all of the great holiday stuff online. For now, we will just have to start with Thanksgiving. You can see what goodies are available to decorate your desktop. And now, here is the Computing Blog week in review for November 5th Through November 11th November 5th Computing Review: October 22nd Through … Continue reading