We Believe in Grace, Too.

Grace is a beautiful word. It has many meanings. However, the type of grace I am talking about is the grace of God. Many religions believe that they are saved by grace. Some believe by simply accepting Christ into your heart, you are saved. Do Mormons believe in grace? The simple answer is, yes. But, maybe not in the same way that others believe in grace. However, I feel like grace is something that us Mormons forget about. So much so that sometimes, I think we forget that we also are saved by God’s grace. A book that changed the … Continue reading

What Causes Clumsiness?

Lately, I feel like I’m a lot clumsier than usual. Case in point: two nights in a row, I’ve spilled my lemonade — once on the couch, once in the office. Yesterday, I really raised the clumsiness bar by spilling a bowl of handmade glass ornaments and then stepping on them. Really graceful! (Thankfully, only the ornaments were hurt in that little adventure.) It got me wondering: what causes clumsiness? To answer that, it doesn’t hurt to look at the opposite side: coordination. Driving this wonderful machine called the body takes motor skills and sensory input (to put it REALLY … Continue reading

God’s Blueprint For Life

Since we are now saved by grace and by what Jesus did for us by dying on the cross, are the Ten Commandments irrelevant? I believe we can learn a lot from God’s blueprint for life. Exodus 20:1-17 1. God prefaces His commandment not to have other gods, verse 3 by reminding the Israelites of who He is and what He has done for them in the past. Given their spectacular rescue from Egypt, the Israelites had reason enough for them to trust and worship God. We also have ample reason to trust God and worship Him. It is good … Continue reading

Amazing Grace: Grace Like Rain

Outside the front door of our home is a cross which sights the lyrics to “Amazing Grace” on it. I just fell in love with it when I found it at a Christian book store. The lyrics to the song are incredibly humbling and reason for me to rejoice. The cross is a fresh reminder each time anyone walks through the door of our home of God’s grace. At this time our church is doing a series called “Living in Amazing Grace.” I too often forget how precious God’s grace really is and this series has been a great reminder. … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Love Blossoms with Heidi Grace

Everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day each year, recognizing those we love and cherish. And don’t get me wrong, it certainly should be done on February 14th. But there are dozens of other times throughout the year, that we could be remembering those we love. Just don’t lose sight of that when you are scrapbooking and creating beautiful layouts about your loved ones. However, if you are looking for some cute products for Valentine’s Day or any other romantic or love filled layout, then look no further! Heidi Grace with Fiskars has an adorable line, perfect for these types of scrapbook layouts, … Continue reading

Works and Grace

Until recently, I wasn’t aware of the many misunderstandings people have in regard to salvation through grace rather than works. Those who have not been raised in the Christian church or have not read what the Bible has to say about being saved by grace rather than works, I can now understand why this part of Christianity has been so misjudged. I’d like to clear up some misconceptions. First of all, just because we don’t believe we’re saved by our works does not mean that good works are in vain or invalid! What the Christian faith teaches is that none … Continue reading

Dispensations of the Bible

A dispensation in the Bible is a period of time in which God dealt/deals with man a certain way. There are 8 dispensations that are commonly agreed between many Christian scholars. Some scholars who do not believe in a rapture of the Christian church or in a literal millennial reign, may only adhere to 7 dispensations. The 7th and 8th dispensation might be combined as the “Dispensation of Christ’s Reign.” Under each dispensation there seems to be a means of salvation for that time: 1. Dispensation of Innocence: Began from creation and ended with the fall of man (the first … Continue reading