This past week I’ve been focused less on my work as a teacher (preparing a syllabus), less on my work towards qualifying exam testing (a lot of reading), and much more towards my dissertation. I’m not sure if my mind simply can’t handle one thing for an extended period of time (quite possible) or if I’ve consiously chosen to focus on the big picture (maybe subconsciously) but I’ve really come to value a sense of community. When my mind switched gears towards a large paper I started having questions and needing them answered. That led me to the value of … Continue reading

California Homeschool Groups and Resources Q-S

To succeed in homeschooling, it is in your best interest to get involved with other homeschoolers. You should join a homeschool network or group near you. For this reason, I have decided to give a full listing of homeschooling groups throughout each state. Yes, there are other sites that list homeschool networks and support groups but none of are comprehensive. Some of them only list Christian, others only list those affiliated with them. I will attempt to list all of them. In California, homeschoolers are required to register under and umbrella school or to start a private school to homeschool. … Continue reading

Starting a Scrapbook Club

Do you feel all alone in your scrapbooking endeavors? Perhaps none of your friends or family scrapbooks, and you don’t really know anyone that does. Without telling you to stalk regulars at your local scrapbook store, it is challenging to find others who share your hobby that live nearby. Enter, the scrapbooking club. This is a great way to get others interested in scrapbooking as well as finding and meeting others in your area that scrapbook. It is very easy, with a little work, to start your own scrapbook club. Step one: Find a location. Perhaps you have a spot … Continue reading

The Statement of Faith

If you have shopped around for a homeschooling Co-op or organization to join, then you are familiar with the statement of faith. Many Christian Homeschool groups and organizations have a statement of faith for new members to sign. The purpose of this statement of faith is to ensure that all of the members of the group have similar homeschooling philosophies and goals in homeschooling their children. These are families that the members plan to spend a great deal of time with for the foreseeable future, and it is very likely that the children in these families will be the best … Continue reading

“Papa” Denny Doherty Dead at Age 66

I was really saddened when I read this news item. Denny Doherty of the Mamas and the Papas passed away today at the age of 66. His sister Frances said he died after a short illness. The Mamas and the Papas came unto the music scene in 1966 when I was only 3. Of course, the band disbanded in 1968, so I cannot even say for sure if I remember them from that period of time or not. I did, however, grow up loving their music. They had many hits including “California Dreamin’,” “Monday, Monday,” “I Saw Her Again Last … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Pregnancy Support Groups

Aside from proper prenatal care and nutrition, the most important thing a pregnant woman needs is emotional support. The obvious sources include husband, family, and friends. But very rarely are all these people going through what the pregnant woman is going through at the same time. It can be very rewarding to branch out to sources of like-kind, and the internet offers many. is one such source of pregnancy support. Visiting the Pregnancy Forums will lead you to other women to chat with about the many issues of pregnancy. These women are going through pregnancy just as you are, … Continue reading