Guinea Pig Feeding

Guinea pigs — like people and many other animals — are happiest with a varied diet. Kristen brought this up when she succumbed to guinea pig mania — guinea pigs cannot manufacture vitamin C in their bodies. They NEED vitamin C supplements in order to stay healthy. Adult guinea pigs need between thirty and fifty milligrams of vitamin C per day. Experts suggest skipping the vitamin drops that can be added to water. Why? Vitamin drops may have other vitamins and minerals that your pigs don’t need. Some may potentially be toxic! Vitamin C deteriorates rapidly in water and light, … Continue reading

Guinea Pig Cages

When it comes to housing your guinea pigs, bigger is better. If you have only one guinea pig (this isn’t recommended, as guinea pigs are social animals), you should be sure to provide at least seven and a half square feet of living space. That’s about three feet by two and a half feet. If you have two guinea pigs, provide at least ten and a half square feet of living space (approximately thirty inches by fifty inches). Three guinea pigs will be happy with around thirteen square feet of living space (approximately thirty inches by sixty inches). Why so … Continue reading

Guinea Pigs are Herd Animals

Studies of guinea pigs in the wild have shown that they tend to live in herds of five to ten. A herd generally has one adult male and the rest female or sexually immature children. You may not want an entire herd of guinea pigs in your home, but your pigs will be happiest if they aren’t alone. Both anecdotal and experimental evidence points to domestic guinea pigs being happiest and healthiest when living with other guinea pigs. So how do you pick the right partner for your pig? A very young pair (under six months) may experience personality changes … Continue reading

Guinea Pig Fact and Fiction

After talking with fantasy author Joshua Palmatier about his guinea pigs, I noticed that we don’t have a whole lot of info here at the Pets Blog about the breed! Time to remedy that. Here are some basics about guinea pigs (also known as cavies). The average body temperature of a guinea pig is between 99 and 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Like many other house pets with fur, that’s warmer than the average human! An average adult male guinea pig weighs (called a boar) between two and three pounds. An average adult female guinea pig (called a sow) weighs between one … Continue reading

Interview with Fantasy Author Joshua Palmatier

I first heard of fantasy author Joshua Palmatier through a friend — she loaned me his first book and I was hooked! Now let me introduce you to him. Aimee: What kind of things do you write about? (Genre, subject matter, themes, what have you.) Joshua: I write fantasy novels that deal with a young girl named Varis who was orphaned in the slums of the city of Amenkor. The books mainly deal with her struggle to survive, and the moral questions that result from the question: what would you be willing to do to survive? There are a lot … Continue reading

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

So you’ve got a guinea pig, and you’re wondering what to feed it. Do they eat what rabbits eat? Or hamsters? Pigs? You find guinea pig food at the pet store, in lots of varieties. But which kind is best? There are four staples to a guinea pig diet: Water – Plenty of clean, cold water, is vital to health. You’ll want a water bottle that is simple to remove/replace for refilling, and one that is easy to see when the level is low. Our bottles have “floaters” inside them, so you can spot the level. Pellets – You can … Continue reading

Guinea Pig Mania

I did something very strange and unexpected one Tuesday. For no reason whatsoever, and without warning, I brought home two guinea pigs. Now, I did this in a way that is not considered politically correct: I bought them from a (gulp) pet store. (Some Guinea Pig fans say you MUST purchase them from a breeder.) But my kids were flabbergasted. And thrilled. They gathered around me, squealing with delight as these two round little bundles with bright eyes stared up at them. “Can I hold one?” “I want to hold one too!” “I’m next!” “No, me!” We caught guinea pig … Continue reading