Halloween Events for Kids

Your kids might be super excited about celebrating Halloween. While some Halloween events are specifically geared for children, there are others that might be too scary for little ones to attend. Here is a list of some kid-friendly Halloween events that are taking place this year. Disney Store Halloween Dress Rehearsal Event The Disney Store near you might be having a Halloween Dress Rehearsal Event. Children must be at least three years of age in order to participate. Kids are to arrive dressed in their favorite Disney character costume. The event will take place on Friday, October 5, 2016, between … Continue reading

3 Important Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween can be fun, exciting, and just a little bit scary at times. The goal, of course, is to find ways for your kids to safely have fun, and avoid having to take a scary trip to an emergency room. The way to do that is to follow these Halloween safety tips. Overall, the safety tips that apply specifically to the celebration of Halloween aren’t that different from day-to-day safety tips. For example, you have probably taught your children to look both ways before crossing the street. For whatever reason, kids (and some adults) forget about basic safety as they … Continue reading

How Old is Too Old for Trick-or-Treating?

Trick-or-treating is a big part of Halloween. It is pretty obvious that this tradition was designed for children to participate in (often accompanied by their parents). Is there an “age limit” for trick-or-treating? At what age does a child become too old to go trick-or-treating? Ultimately, a parent needs to make that decision for themselves. Here are some things to consider when wondering if your child is too old to trick-or-treat this year. Check the local rules. Many cities or towns will issue specific rules regarding trick-or-treating. These rules usually consist of things like the hour that trick-or-treating can begin … Continue reading

Fun Alternatives to Trick-Or-Treating

There are many families who have a tradition of taking the kids trick-or-treating on Halloween. The children wear costumes (and some adults might, too). The whole family goes door to door so the little ones can collect candy. There are also several fun alternatives to trick-or-treating that your family can participate in. Trunk Or Treat This is a relatively new Halloween tradition! Sometimes it is arranged by a local church or school. Adults purchase Halloween candy to give out, as usual. Instead of handing out the candy at your front door, you bring it to a specific location (usually a … Continue reading

5 Ways to Spend Less on Halloween

The cute costumes, the Martha Stewart decorations, the bags and bags of candy…the cost of it adds up. Just like the dark monster in the corner, you are afraid to take a good look at how much your are actually spending. Halloween has certainly become a big holiday. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent more than $8 billion last year celebrating. Eight billion! Seriously. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, brandish your own bag of tricks to spend less this Halloween. You’ll be able to make it a magical holiday and leave the bills … Continue reading

5 Unusual Uses for Your Halloween Pumpkin

Pumpkins, pumpkins: tis the season for these orange-colored balls of seasonal goopiness. It’s time to carve them and eat them and turn them into everything imaginable. If you like pumpkins, here are some ideas that go a little bit beyond the ordinary. 5 Unusual Uses for Pumpkins Flower Pot There’s something better than flowers: it’s autumn flowers in a pumpkin! Use your carved pumpkin to house a fall arrangement, and it will make your front porch look delightfully festive. Candle holder I’m loving those little gourds-turned-candleholders. Get a wee pumpkin, carve it out, and place a candle in the middle. … Continue reading

How to Make Halloween Easier for Kids With Autism

Halloween is a holiday that might be difficult for children who have an autism spectrum disorder to cope with. Things get decorated in unexpected ways. Social skills can falter when a person is wearing a costume. Here are some tips to make Halloween easier for kids who have autism. Start preparing your child now! If your child is in a Special Education classroom, there is a good possibility that his or her teacher has been slowly getting the students used to the idea that Halloween is coming, and has been discussing some of the changes that will happen. Awesome teachers … Continue reading

Free Halloween Apps for iPhone and iPad

Need some help getting into the Halloween spirit? Try some of these free Halloween apps for iPhone and iPad. I found some really cute and kid-friendly Halloween apps, and a couple that might be too scary for little kids to play with. They are not quite the same as the free Halloween apps for Android that I found for yesterday’s blog. Carve-a-Pumpkin is a free app from Parents Magazine. (It is created by Resolute Digital, LLC). This kid-friendly app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad. The app shows you an image of an pumpkin, and you use your finger … Continue reading

Free Halloween Apps for Android

Halloween might be the most fun of all the holidays. There is plenty of candy to go around, and kids (and adults) have a good reason to dress in costume for a day. For more fun, try some of these Halloween apps for Android devices. Each of the apps featured in this blog are free to download. Dress Up Halloween is an adorable free app for Android. This one is designed for kids to use. Choose what items the cartoon child in the game will wear for Halloween by dragging them over to the figure and dropping them. The game … Continue reading

How Not to Go Broke Celebrating Halloween

(All treat no trick) You don’t need to be a parent to know that celebrating Halloween is not cheap. These days dressing up as a naughty nun and gorging on 100 Grand bars can really set you back, and not just spiritually. The cost of costumes, candy, decorations and fillings for cavities caused by giving into your Laffy Taffy addiction is scary expensive. And, if you have multiple kids to costume and provide school treats for, the total cost of the holiday can be even more frightening. In 2011, Halloween surpassed Valentine’s Day as the second most expensive holiday celebrated … Continue reading