Fashion Corner: Teacher-Loving Designer and Other Hot Trends

New York Fashion Week has unveiled a ton of eye-popping designs over the past few days, but one that is not getting nearly enough press (in my opinion) is an accessory we (ladies) typically don’t leave home without—our handbag. Enter Zac Posen. The fashion designer to the stars has recently teamed up with DHL to create a limited edition handbag. But, this is not your typical leather body, two-strap wonder. It is an ultra-glam, red and yellow tote. And, the profits from the bag don’t go to line Posen’s pockets. Rather, the designer is donating proceeds from the purse to … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Purses, Handbags, Totes and Wallets

With the change in the season, and the fall months upon us, I decided I would love to change purses to something that shows off who I am. I am a mom and a scrapbooker, first and foremost. So I need something that was roomy enough to store plenty of items including my organizer, yet would also fit scrapbook supplies, an album maybe and I would love to find one that also would on occasion accommodate my laptop. I already have a laptop bag, and I do not take my laptop everywhere with me, so that was the feature I … Continue reading

A $2,500 Hand Bag for Only $60

What if you could sport a luxury handbag that costs upwards of $2,500 for just a mere $60. Would you do it? Chloe Paddington, Coach, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Prada, just take your pick. You could have a hot new designer purse every week, if you like. Two niche companies are making it possible for the average, middle-class woman to show off her millions, even if she doesn’t have them. Bag Borrow or Steal, offers the opportunity to rent out the latest handbag wants to frugal fashionistas. Membership in this rental service is $9.95 a month, although recently they have added … Continue reading