Printing T-shirts

A few years ago we made gifts for the kids’ grandparents with Hanes T-ShirtMaker. Creating your own shirt design is really fun and the possibilities are endless. You can make your own design on the computer, using the software provided. The design is printed on special transfer paper using an ink jet printer. You heat set the design on the shirt by using an iron. What’s really fun is that you can incorporate your own photos into the design – you can frame a photo or crop it into different shapes. The t-shirt transfers work on more than t-shirts too. … Continue reading

Giving the Gift of Your Creation

It’s extremely hard to stay frugal during the holiday season, but being a scrapbooker can help in that sense. Actually being creative at all can help you stay frugal quite a bit. Gifts are expensive, and time consuming when you are out scouring the stores for the perfect item. Every year at this time I start to stress about the perfect gift for everyone. And each year, after I come down off the stress and anxiety of money issues and gift giving, I realize that my own two hands can give a far better gift than anything I’ve picked out … Continue reading