Footprints in our Memories

You know, when my daughter was born, I was surprised that not only did they not take a footprint or handprint of her – they didn’t even issue her a birth certificate. In fact, a lot of hospitals don’t anymore – they give you a letter of registration. It basically informs people that you had a child and some key data about the child. If you want a birth certificate, you have to send off for it. I was more than a little startled about that, but I did end up getting her birth certificate and it’s nothing really fancy … Continue reading

Scrapbooking With Kids: Capturing Handprints and Footprints

Don’t you wish you could keep your children small forever? And wouldn’t it be nice if we could just freeze time and have some way to remember those tiny fingers and toes? Well the good news is, with a scrapbook layout you can! Since there are several different ways you can capture your child’s handprint or footprint in their scrapbook. My favorite way is to use an ink pad. You need to be sure it is an archival ink pad, and that it is safe for your layout. Stamp the stamp pad onto the hand or foot. Then place the … Continue reading