What Happened to Fat Pencils and Crayons?

Time and phases often repeat themselves. Clothing styles and toys usually come around every so many years. Bell-bottom pants came back renamed as flare jeans and children once again began playing with Cabbage Patch Dolls and Strawberry Shortcake. Education is no exemption to this cycle of life. Methods of teaching and appropriate forms of learning come in and out of date also. At one point in time children were to begin learning to write using large lined pads of paper and fat pencils and crayons. Those pads of paper and crayons and pencils can still be bought today. However, they … Continue reading

Does Handwriting and Penmanship Matter in Business?

I’ve been told that it is possible in this day and age to get through weeks of work without ever actually putting pen to paper and having to hand write anything. I certainly haven’t found that to be the case, but I’m willing to discuss and debate whether or not handwriting and penmanship actually matter at all any more in the business world… I do a lot of work by hand still—writing notes, writing out ideas and first drafts, making lists. But I do see that people who do other types of work can get by using only a computer … Continue reading

Laptops and Courthouse Research

I have been getting quite a few responses lately regarding the courthouse research opportunity, which is fantastic–I love to receive feedback and encourage any questions or ideas to be sent to me at Hava L {at} Families dot com. One question that I have forgotten to answer and I realized that once I went through my e-mails, is the question of whether you need a laptop. The short answer is no, you technically don’t need a laptop. But, as in the case of taking children with you to the courthouse, there is the technically correct answer, and then there is … Continue reading

How Important is Penmanship and Handwriting?

When my children were first in elementary school, they spent a lot of time learning “Penmanship”–I remember the pressure to make just the right size and shape of letters–first in printing and then in learning “cursive writing.” By the time they were in the fourth or fifth grade, they were also learning “keyboarding” (which, for us old-timers, is really typing.) Penmanship was a big deal and I remember lots of practice paper, stress and tears over getting things just right. Of course, Penmanship isn’t anything new. We all had to spend a fair amount of time practicing our writing as … Continue reading

Journey To Better Journaling

One of my scrapbook goals for 2007 is to stop procrastinating and journal more. I am a born journalist and have kept diaries, journals and words that I have written over the years. I have notebooks filled with thoughts, poems, journaling and essays I’ve written on various subjects. But the thing I noticed, is that although I tend to do journaling a lot, there is still far more I could do with it. So how does someone who journal’s all the time, get better? There are several ways. Idea Books: On the scrapbooking market, and beyond, there are many different … Continue reading

Journaling Written By Hand

One of the most prized and protected possessions I have is the original handwritten letter from my biological mother after I had been contacted by her. I cherish it, and love looking at her beautiful handwriting. Another favorite item, cherished, is a card from when I was a little girl from my great grandmother. She wrote the sweetest card to a 6 year old little girl in her shaky handwriting, but it makes me smile each time I read it. The sight of a special someone’s familiar handwriting can warm the heart. But most of us really don’t like our … Continue reading

Biggest Scrapbooking Mistakes – Horrible Handwriting

We all suffer from time to time from the “Horrible Handwriting Syndrome”. If you’re like me, you might go back and forth. I apparently have a love/hate relationship with my own personal handwriting. One day, I absolutely love it, and the next I hate it. When I look back at some of my layouts, I see that horrible handwriting, and it just totally takes away from the way I view the layout. Instead of seeing the beautiful photos and realizing what a great layout I did, I see that horrible handwriting and wish I could will it away. Of course, … Continue reading

Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Journaling

Journaling is my favorite scrapbooking subject. I’ve mentioned it before. It is a piece of yourself you can pass on for generations, and it tells about who you are and what you were doing in your lifetime. I always encourage scrapbookers to include journaling on all their layouts. Often times though, people are stumped on how to get started, or are looking for ways to make their journaling better. Here are five easy ways to improve your journaling. Write from Your Heart This has to be the single best way to improve your journaling. Just let your pen flow and … Continue reading

Product Book Review: Love Your Handwriting

We have all read many times that it is so important to include our own handwriting in our scrapbooks. Yet is seems that so many people still rely on typing out their journaling. Today I would like to share a great book that helps you really want to actually include your handwriting in your book. It is Love Your Handwriting by Heidi Swapp and Creating Keepsakes. This is not only a book. In addition to a 96-page instruction book, you also get a 64-page workbook, a ruler, pencil and journaling pen. This retails for $29.99. Heidi’s style of writing is … Continue reading

Using YOUR Handwriting in your Scrapbooks

I didn’t realize what a powerful effect seeing my husband’s handwriting on a note from 7 years ago would have on me. It brought back a flood of wonderful emotions of what was happening in that time in my life, how much life has changed and how we’ve grown in our love over the past 7years. I laughed as I remembered how we would write each other silly notes almost everyday to find another way to say “I love you!” I am so grateful I still have those notes and letters! Even more so, I’m grateful I can include those … Continue reading