Family Fitness With Your Toddler

If we want to prevent future health problems in our children, then we need to be encouraging fitness while they are young. If they start off life with exercise and healthy eating, they are more likely to continue it into their adult years. So I am going to be writing a series on how you can incorporate family fitness into your home. And believe it or not, it starts with your toddlers. Once children start walking, they have the opportunity to begin a healthy lifestyle. That means allowing your child to walk, not always confining them to a stroller. If … Continue reading

Home Schooling with a Toddler in Tow

Have you ever been teaching algebra and been interrupted by the sound of your toddler riffling through your bookcase? Or teaching biology and look up to see your walls decorated with Crayola markers, complements of your toddler? Or worse yet, realize you have not taught a decent day of school since your baby turned into a toddler? Home schooling is not for the faint of heart. Our families are constantly changing, growing, and living life in between fractions and Moby Dick. One of the biggest changes a home schooling family can go through is the addition of a new baby. … Continue reading

Getting Dressed

Is it a fight every morning to get your toddler dressed? Does your toddler love to dress themselves? Are you able to put the cute accessories on your toddler and accentuate their outfit or are they happier in a diaper and t-shirt? My son wakes up every morning asking to get dressed for the day. He also strips out of his clothes at the end of the day when he is ready to relax and run around in a diaper. The problem I have is keeping shoes on my son. He takes them off every time I put him in … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers

Spring is here and we are all trying to do our spring cleaning. With toddlers around, it is important that everyone remember to use caution when cleaning. Let’s look at some spring cleaning tips for parents and grandparents with toddlers in the home. Cleaning with Toddlers *Never leave spray bottles of cleaners within a toddler’s reach. They may spray the cleaner into their eyes or even swallow some of the cleaner! It is best to always put the bottle on a high shelf, the top of the refrigerator or some other high place while cleaning. *Do not use strong fragrances … Continue reading

Teaching Toddlers

There are so many learning opportunities for toddlers. They are just beginning to explore the world around them. They can learn a lot on their own. However, with help from their family, they can learn even more. Teaching toddlers can be a fun and exciting experience. Playing with toys can be a learning experience for toddlers. Helping with daily chores are learning experiences for toddlers. Why shouldn’t we use the things that we do on a daily basis to help our toddlers learn? Here are some of the ideas that I have had and implemented in order to teach my … Continue reading

Screaming Toddlers

It seems that I am always telling my toddler to use his “inside voice.” I don’t know why he feels the need to scream on a regular basis. I have considered the possible reasons that toddlers scream and how to cope with each reason. One of the reasons that toddlers often scream is because they are not getting their way. This is often the case with my son. For a young child, he seems to have many anger issues. I’ve even wondered if I could find an anger management class for toddlers. When my son isn’t getting his way and … Continue reading

Toddlers and Grandparents

My son is very fortunate in that my grandmother, age 76, is still able to care for him. He has “Grammy Days” and spends time with her. They listen to Bluegrass music and dance around the living room. They also spend time watching cartoons and movies, reading books and occasionally go outside for a walk. It is much more common that toddlers spend time with their grandparents as many great grandparents are not able to keep up with the active life of a toddler. My son spends a great deal of time with his grandparents as well. My father and … Continue reading

Toddler Emergency Room Visits

Have you ever thought of what you would need to do if your child was hurt or sick enough to be taken to the emergency room? Do you have a checklist of emergency information? I had never thought of what I would do in the event of an emergency until my son got seriously ill. My toddler has been sick and my only thought was to take him to our pediatrician. Now that the weekend is upon us and my son is getting worse, I am faced with thinking about a back-up plan. What would I do if he needed … Continue reading

Do Time Outs Really Work With Toddlers?

Not if you ask Alfie Kohn. The know-it-all… I mean, child behavior expert and author… recently wrote a piece in the New York Times admonishing parents who punish their children for bad behavior AND those who reward their children for good behavior. According to Kohn, parents who reward or punish their children are sending a message that love is dependent on behavior: “Turn up the affection when they’re good, withhold affection when they’re not.” So, no time outs and no gold stars. I guess Kohn just wants us to let our rule-ignoring kids run around hog wild and never suffer … Continue reading

Is Your Toddler Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Probably not… at least according to medical experts. A new study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine reveals that at least 40% of American infants and toddlers aren’t getting enough vitamin D. What’s more, the study also found that there has been an increase in the number of rickets (a vitamin D deficiency disease) cases in several states in the last few years. Doctors say millions of American children are vitamin D deficient and that number is likely to increase if parents don’t start adjusting their kids’ diet or modifying their schedules to allow toddlers to spend … Continue reading