Starting A Collection For Fun and Learning

When home schooling kids there are so many things you can do that incorporate fun and learning. Then again, not having a structured curriculum often leaves you coming up blank with something new to do. This is where starting a collection comes in handy. I always tried to get as much education out of even the smallest activity. Think about it, just baking a cake can incorporate math, nutrition, history, time management, safety, and even spelling. The educational value and fun factor involved with starting and maintaining a collection is unlimited. Each of my three home schooled girls started a … Continue reading

Musical Interests

I am very pleased that my son is already interested in music. My entire family plays musical instruments and sings and I am happy that my son has shown an interest as well. It doesn’t seem to matter what genre of music is playing, my son is singing, dancing or humming along with any music that he hears. He sings the theme song to television shows and listens to the radio in the car. He loves dancing to the music on different cartoons and movies. Over the weekend, we went to hear some of my family play music. It was … Continue reading

Fitness – The Easier Choice

I wish I had a magic hat, one that I could pull great choices out of that would make fitness not only easier to do, but easier to grasp. Once upon a time, I thought that there were just fortunate people in the world who were born fit and healthy. I actually know some people who ‘look’ fit and healthy, but just because they don’t gain weight doesn’t mean they are in great shape. It’s important to remember that fitness isn’t just how you look, it’s a state of mind. You can’t just say I want to be fit, you … Continue reading

Your Favorites Might Lead You to a Business

For those of us who are at the beginning stages of a home-based business, maybe even trying to figure out what sort of a business to start and whether or not we are even cut out to embark on such an adventure, a little advice about how to search out and find the right fit might be in order. It might be a good idea to start with your favorite things–those things you love to do, hobbies, and interests–these passions might lead you to a great home business idea. Look around your world and make a list of those things … Continue reading

May I Have This Dance? Dancing and Couples

Everyone has different styles and opinions. Everyone also has different likes, dislikes, and turn ons. One thing that has always appealed to me is the art of dancing. Dancing can be very emotional and sensual. Slow dancing can create bonds and feelings between two people. It can create a closeness and a mood for love. The touch from your partner and the movement to the music can build a very appealing and romantic stage for intimacy. In addition to slow dancing, other types of dancing can be very sensual. The way that one another moves to the beat can be … Continue reading

Is Scrapbooking Dying Out?

When you’re in the industry as long as I have been, you tend to see different trends come and go, different products reach their height and then die out, and meet people who are scrapaholics and then simply drop scrapbooking all together. I was surprised to see a discussion on a message board which posed the question on whether the whole trend of scrapbooking was dying out. What I have to say to that, is simply no. Whatever the evidence in question is or was, scrapbooking is here to stay. And now with the introduction of digital scrapbooking, it opened … Continue reading

What Do I Do in My Spare Time?

The other day I was chatting with someone whom I had just met. This person asked me what would be considered a pretty common get-to-know-you sort of question: “What do you do in your spare time?” I couldn’t help chuckling; anyone who knows I am a single parent with three kids would probably not have asked me about my “spare time”… If truth be told, there was a time when I lamented my nonexistent free time. Years ago, when I was much younger (and my kids were too), I missed my free time something fierce! There were weeks when I … Continue reading

Why You Should Get a Hobby

In general couples get along best when they have things in common. Couples usually enjoy the same types of activities or share the same interests. However, it is not mandatory that you and your spouse do all things together. In a relationship, it is nice to be a couple yet still maintain some individuality. It is healthy for both persons to enjoy being themselves and enjoy time for themselves. A good way to express your own self is through a hobby. Having individual hobbies work best if both mates have one. I have seen some couples in which only one … Continue reading

Keeping Up With Changing Interests

If life is all about adjusting to change, then family life is an intense, crash-course in constant change and upheaval. Just when we think we know our child and we can describe him or her to others as the “child who…” everything changes. As parents, it can feel like a losing battle trying to keep up with those ever-evolving and constantly changing interests. If I had a dollar for each time I’ve heard “I’m just not into that any more” from one of my kids during these teenage years, I probably wouldn’t have to be so frugal and concerned about … Continue reading

Dogs: A Doll’s Best Friend?

The living room in the “Dog Catcher’s House.” Photo courtesy of Christine Verstraete and used with her permission. I personally know the following interviewee, Christine Verstraete. We met online several years back, drawn together by our mutual passion for writing. However, Chris has another talent I’ve always admired: making miniatures! When she posts new pics of her creations online, she always lets me know so I can go ooh and ahh over them. She’s currently working on putting together a book about dogs and dolls and the artists who make them. It got me thinking about a pattern I noticed … Continue reading