Frugal Hobbies

Want to start a hobby? Why not choose one that is frugal? Some hobbies can get quite expensive. Restoring old cars and scrap booking are two that immediately come to mind. Of course, there are always frugal ways to do things, even for expensive hobbies, but why not choose a hobby that is inherently frugal? Here are some ideas. Growing your own food Gardening can be a fun and worthwhile hobby. There many be a learning curb and challenges; it provides you with fresh air and exercise and gets you out of the house. When you garden to produce your … Continue reading

Networking With Other Scrapbooking Friends

Networking with others is an important and essential task for most scrapbookers. Networking or sharing time with others who share a hobby or passion with you, can often inspire and drive you to create. A few things that any scrapbooker needs. Along with chocolate, of course. Why is networking important? Sharing your layouts, ideas, creativity and love for the hobby with others, can leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated and essentially inspired to create new layouts. It can allow you to bounce ideas off each other, get reviews for certain products, find new and innovative ways to use everyday items, and … Continue reading

Should You Turn Your Hobby Into a Business?

One school of thought is that we should definitely be doing work that we love—our work should be creative and inspirational and a representation of who we are and what we enjoy. That’s one way of looking at things. Another way is that work is work—it doesn’t necessarily have to be something we love passionately and that is why we have hobbies. The question for many people trying to figure out if they should start a home business is whether or not they should turn their hobby into their job? The joy of a hobby can sometimes be that it … Continue reading

Rubber Band Man

What’s your favorite hobby? Some people like to garden, jog, or read, while others enjoy collecting things. But, according to news reports, an Oregon man may have taken his love for collecting things to a new level. Steve Milton, doesn’t collect stamps, bugs or ceramic cows, it’s rubber bands that make him go wild. And now his passion for collecting the stretchy material has landed him in the national spotlight. Milton’s latest creation is a 3,300-pound ball comprised of rubber bands. His handiwork measures almost 5 feet tall and takes up half his two-car garage. Though it’s not official, various … Continue reading

Defending Our Hobby

Why do we always feel the need to defend our hobby? Scrapbooking is a relaxing, creative outlet for most. Often when I am out and about and I either meet someone new, or I meet a friend of a friend type of thing, I get that look. Are you familiar with that look? The one that says “Oh, you’re one of those.” Almost as if we are some rare breed of species that runs around doing horrible things and should be banished. But that is not how I feel. I am proud of my hobby, I am proud that I … Continue reading

Turn Your Hobby into a Home Business

Don’t worry! I’m not going to suggest that you sign up for one of those “assemble crafts at home” offers where you have to spend a lot of money to get started. In fact, you don’t need to sign up for anything or pay anybody to get started. You just need a way to market something you enjoy and make it into an income producing home business. One example is selling your crafts at craft shows, fairs, and flea markets. You might even want to have a garage sale first, and display some of your best items. Use these earnings … Continue reading


Unfortunately, when we talk about treasure hunting, we envision old men after retirement walking around with their little metal detector, hoping to find some type of treasure to make their retirement more successful. Hunting for treasure is no longer associated with just the elderly. In fact, children as young as four to woman up to 95 are all enjoying the fun and benefits of using metal detectors to hunt for treasure. One of the most popular reasons people treasure hunt is to find rare coins. If you were to walk along the beaches of Malibu, you would spot entire families … Continue reading