Whew, I Almost Bought That! A Tip to Avoid Impulse Buying

I’ve got to stop checking my Facebook news feed, not because I have been spending too much time being distracted (although that is probably somewhat true), but because I keep seeing all of these special offers, such as the Amazon.com Lightening Deals (“liking” your favorite store pages is one way to see exclusive deals this holiday season). Yesterday I almost grabbed one. I actually added it to my cart. With one click, Amazon would have happily wrapped the thing up in the smiley box and send it straight to my door. It was a popular video game that I knew … Continue reading

The Christmas Shopping Blues

Is anybody else having trouble finding gifts this season? Living out in the country already means shopping is limited, but this year, it’s even worse. With early predictions that it would be an unremarkable Christmas shopping season, retailers seem to be playing it cautious. Simply put, they aren’t ordering enough of anything to keep shelves stocked, apparently afraid that they’ll get stuck with merchandise that will have to be sold at huge post- holiday discounts. Of course, I do love a good after Christmas sale, but right now, I could use a little pre-Christmas help. I guess I’m going to … Continue reading

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday

While brick and mortar retail stores have Black Friday, online sellers have Cyber Monday. This is their big holiday sale kick-off, and while some sellers started early, you can still get some great bargains. It’s also a great way to tackle Christmas shopping from the comfort of your home. You may also find that with discounted shipping, you’ll spend less than you would after purchasing gasoline to travel from store to store. One great way to find the best bargains is to check out sites like NextTag.com or other similar comparison shopping sites. Click on the category you’re interested in … Continue reading

Countdown to Thanksgiving: Three Days Left

Are you getting excited? I am but I still have quite a bit to do. Are you getting lots of stuff crossed off your lists? If you have yet to do the following, today is a good day, because time is running out! Shopping Finish shopping for fresh foods. They won’t be any fresher sitting in the store for another day than they will be in your home, so get it out of the way before your favorite store becomes a total madhouse. While you’re at the store, it’s probably a good idea to pick up some pain reliever and … Continue reading

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Let’s have some fun today – I’ve mentioned before out intentions to keep it simple this Christmas for myself and my family – we’ve certainly had enough stress to last us a long time. In the meanwhile, I was thinking about all the Christmases when I was growing up and all the toys that were hot and not. One of my favorite items over the year was the traditional etch-a-sketch – of course, which dates back to the 50s – but it’s also one of our daughter’s favorites so we were tickled when we were able to pick one up … Continue reading

Holiday Diet Bombs – Be Aware

It’s important to remember when you are out there hustling to through the Christmas shopping, getting stuck in traffic and skipping meals in your hurry to get from Point A to Point B that it’s not very healthy for your diet to forgo eating only to make it up by grabbing a fast bite somewhere. This is part of the holiday trade off – you should take advantage of your opportunities to eat – but you also have to be careful that you aren’t ingesting a bomb of calories, fat and saturated fats that not only fills your stomach, but … Continue reading

Shopping for the Woman in Your Life

Are you looking for a great gift for your wife, fiancé, or girlfriend? You know you want to give her something special, but maybe you’re not quite sure what that is. While some men are fantastic at picking out the perfect gift, others have a little more trouble with it. The best advice I can give you (as a woman myself) is to choose something that is especially for her. I’ve mentioned before that vacuum cleaners don’t count as gifts, unless that’s what she specifically asks for, but let me clarify… that also goes for other implements and small appliances … Continue reading

Tips for the Best Holiday Shopping Deals

In many shops and stores, sales are in full swing, but they usually get even better the closer we get to Christmas (not to mention the great bargains after Christmas!). Yet, there are some extra ways that you can make sure you get all the best deals. In Store Specials First, check with your favorite stores for preferred customer discounts. You can call, but many prefer that customers ask in person. Ask the cashier at the check out or seek information at the customer service desk. Also, ask about in store coupons or other special promotions that are not always … Continue reading

Five Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping

That’s right! There are only 24 shopping days left until Christmas, and that’s including Christmas Eve! Be sure that in your hurry to get everything done, you don’t make mistakes that could be costly. Here are some tips to help make your holiday shopping experiences safer: 1. Clear out the trunk or storage area in your vehicle before you go shopping, so you can store your purchases there. If the area can be viewed, bring along a blanket to cover up your purchases. Never leave handbags, wallets, or change lying on seats or in cup holders even if doors are … Continue reading

Start a Holiday Babysitting Co-op

You can’t exactly take the kids with you when you’re picking out their presents, but you may want to have the ability to shop with your spouse. Who’s going to watch the kids? Grandma might be out getting caught up on her shopping, and if you have to pay a babysitter, that’s less money to spend on gifts. Instead, get together with your friends who also have kids and work out a trade. Set up a little co-op deal and swap a certain number of hours of childcare. It’s best to plan in advance and give set dates and times … Continue reading