An FHE Challenge

Yesterday in Sunday School we learned about Moses’ last sermon to the Children of Israel. We learned about the advice he gives them, about the phylacteries they wore, and the symbols they placed on their doorposts to remind them of their God. While we don’t wear these leather bands on our heads and arms, we aren’t so different today. Many LDS people wear symbols of their faith including CTR rings, Young Women medallions or scouting pins, and other visual reminders. Many of us also have visual reminders in our homes of our faith such as pictures, statues, and plaques. But … Continue reading

How to Make a Cornucopia

Last Sunday, I was visiting our favorite botanical gardens with my family. We enjoy getting out on a fall Sunday to walk around and enjoy both the displays of fall and the fun activities that are available. We had just finished visiting one of the very large tree houses (made of reclaimed wood and complete with leaded glass) and we heading toward the giant pumpkin carving demonstration when we came around a corner. Right there was the biggest cornucopia I had ever seen! it was large enough to fit a grown person standing up at the wide end, and it … Continue reading

Frugal Designer Touches for Your Home

I am so ready to toss off winter’s doldrums and brighten up the house. The problem with new decor, however, can be the cost. From designer fabrics to new accessories, even a little brightening can make an impact on the budget. Ah ha! frugal living to the rescue. I know that you have probably heard my mantra before: paint, paint, paint! It is a relatively inexpensive way to go, especially if you can get the paint for free. And although I think it is important to mention, let’s move on to accessories. Shop the discount bins and the fabric store … Continue reading

You Tube Towel Origami

Here is a great little activity that will add something special to your home. Towel Origami uses household towels and turns them into different animals and shapes. With towel origami, you can make your home feel like a vacation home or cruise ship, even if the economy prevents you from going away this year. At many vacation spots, staff often leave origami towels for guests to find. Towel origami animals will also delight children, and make even those reluctant to take a bath interested in the tub, or at least the towel! You can also impress your guests or visitors … Continue reading

Think Pink for Home Decor

Are you wondering what the latest hot thing in home decorating is? Well get ready to think pink. Pink is a color that is showing up everywhere. Home decor sometimes takes its cue from fashion, and I think this is the case here with pink. For example, there is a new Rolex watch that features an etched pink face. In home decor, you’ll find the pink in many different places, mostly as an accent color. This is just in time for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. The shade of pink that is currently hot ranges from a rosy, silvery pink to … Continue reading

Make Your Own Runner Rug

With the holidays on their way, you may be thinking about sprucing up your home a bit before company comes, or just to have a warm, fresh look. With everyone pinching pennies these days, home decor might be the last thing on your mind, especially with high food, gas and heating bills. Still, there is plenty you can do on a budget. A runner rug is a great idea for warming up your floors and even protecting them. These rugs are great in hallways of course, but you can use them pretty much anywhere you have the space. By making … Continue reading

Go Batty this Halloween

Let me start by saying that this is not a project you want to undertake with a 3-year-old (or any child under the age of 6). Trust me; I know from experience. Last year my crafty friend hosted a party for our playgroup (made up of children 3 and under) so the kids could make homemade Halloween decorations and this one was way too advance despite the end product looking so basic. If you have older children, who are adept at working with acrylic paint, have the dexterial skills to use scissors, pinch and gather paper, and perhaps most importantly, … Continue reading

Simple Solutions for a Nondescript Room

You can give your room a bit of personality without being bold or brash or a design star. Just a little fabric switch or moving a new piece into a room can change the attitude of the room and give it a new look without the need for a major makeover. Here are some simple solutions that will help you make your nondescript room more inviting. I am familiar with the nondescript room, since both my husband and I tend toward neutrals when it comes to decorating. Too many neutrals can make a room boring. We also suffer from the … Continue reading

Scrapbook Paper Decor

How would you like a fun home decorating project that is also cost effective? Here are a few different things that you can make from patterned paper, such as the kind that you might find in a craft or scrapbook store. These ideas are creative and can take on different style elements, from modern to country to eclectic, depending on the paper you use and the design of your finished project. If you love to scrapbook or make custom cards, then chances are that you have plenty of scrap pieces left over. If not, or if you want a really … Continue reading

Dressing A Daughter’s Room 5

When we last left off, I was talking about the great fabrics that I poked through at an Amish-owned fabric shop in Lancaster, Pa. I was looking for the perfect fabric for my little girl’s room. I wanted something that was current, fresh, fun and would grow with my daughter as she did. To remind you, the fabric choices were: a delicate variegated pink rose pattern, pink outlined flowers on a white background and its opposite white outlines flowers on a pink background, a thin candy strip with two different pink stripes and a white stripe, and an an oddball, … Continue reading