When Your Bedroom is an Eyesore

I don’t know if you are like me but I tend to spend more energy and effort into decorating the common areas of our home, like the kitchen and living room and less thought is put into my bedroom. But when it comes to keeping the home clean, you are more likely to put effort into those rooms you have spent time decorating. Rooms that are just kind of blah don’t give you as much motivation. So be sure to put some decorating touches in your bedroom, just to spruce things up and give you more drive to keep it … Continue reading

Where Germs Thrive in the Home (and How to Handle Them)

No matter how well you clean, there are some places around the house (or office) that tend to accumulate dirt and bacteria. You might know some of these already… or you might be surprised! Your mattress and pillows. The bedroom is a favorite spot for those evil allergy triggers: dust mites. Your mattress can also soak up sweat and other bodily fluid! The best way to keep your mattress and pillows clean is to bag them. A plastic cover (underneath your sheets and mattress pad) will keep the dust mites out. Wash bedding regularly in hot water to kill dust … Continue reading

The Five Minute Bedroom Pick up

The bedroom can be one of the most neglected areas of the home. Since it isn’t usually a room that is in the general flow of the household or a place that company gets to see, it can get pretty cluttered. This is a shame, because a cluttered bedroom isn’t peaceful or serene for sleep. Here are some tips on having a five minute bedroom pick up. Make the bed Making a bed actually takes less than five minutes. Making the bed is important, because it establishes a routine for the bedroom pick up, and it is amazing how neat … Continue reading

Spruce Up Bedroom Furniture

If you want to add a little bit of perk to your otherwise functional bedroom furniture, then you may like these ideas. They don’t cost much at all, and yet they add just the right amount of impact. If you have a tall armoire or other piece if furniture with doors, you can add a touch of color and or pattern by adding wallpaper or contact paper to the interior walls and doors. When you open the doors, you’ll see a great bit of design that doesn’t overwhelm the room as it might if the paper were on the outside … Continue reading

A Guide to Winter Bedding

I rank warm winter bedding up there as one of the top essentials to have in a home. Forget the HDTV, the new kitchen, the coffee maker. If you have warm bedding you’ll be okay. Having warm bedding can not only keep you comfortable at night, but it can also greatly reduce your heating bills. With a thick down comforter, for example, we are able to turn our heat way down at night, lower than recommended by the department of energy for energy savings. With spring approaching, it is a great time to find some end of season deals on … Continue reading

Choosing a “Theme” for Your Home Office Space

Perhaps your home business workspace is a table in the corner or you have a box that gets shoved in the entry closet that holds your important papers, files and invoices. Having an organized and efficient workspace is important, and you might even want to consider having an inspirational or decorative “theme” that will help you to stay motivated and inspired as you work at building your business. Often a desk or workspace includes a few pictures of a person’s kids, and functional things like pens and paper and manila folders. Unfortunately, while this may be functional space, it is … Continue reading

7 Ways to Have A Healthy Bedroom (2)

If you suffer from asthma or allergies, you’ll definitely want to take some steps to ensure that you have a healthy bedroom. Sniffling, sneezing, coughing and wheezing can all affect your sleep, not to mention the rest of your day. In the previous article, I covered four different steps that you can take to have a healthy bedroom. If you missed that article, click here: 7 Ways to Have A Healthy Bedroom. Now, let’s take a look at the last three ways. 5. Address the mattress. While pillow top mattresses seem to be standard now, they can also trap allergens. … Continue reading

7 Ways to Have A Healthy Bedroom

Are you always getting colds and allergy symptoms no matter what time of year it is? Do your kids wake up with sniffles and coughs that go away later in the day? Are you tired when you wake up? If so, you might want to consider the fact that you are suffering from allergies. Your bedrooms might not be the healthiest places to sleep. Considering the importance of sleep, especially for kids, it makes sense to make a few changes in the bedroom to reduce your allergies and asthma. 1. Get rid of the carpet. Carpeting is notorious for trapping … Continue reading

A Healthy (and Sanitary) Bedroom and Bathroom

Where and how you store your stuff can make a big difference in how clean and healthy your bathroom and bedroom are. Here are some tips to keep things sanitary — and help keep you and your family healthy. For a clean and healthy bathroom: Move your toothbrush away from the sink. The best place to keep your toothbrush is in a cabinet, behind closed doors. Why? Even the cleanest toilet is full of microbes that can become airborne when you flush. Do you want toilet water landing on your toothbrush? (I don’t. I’m moving mine into a cabinet today.) … Continue reading

Affordable Warmth

Those chilly evenings can tempt homeowners to turn up the thermostat just a skosh. Yet, the difference between just a few degrees can mean a much heftier heating bill. If you don’t have natural gas heat, refilling the propane tank sooner may be the result(which translates into a higher bill as well). Heating the entire home via electricity can also be expensive. There are some things you can do instead. Try adding an extra layer of warm clothing (hoodie, robe, slippers, etc). Grab a blanket or even an electric throw. There are also some nice options in blanket wraps. They … Continue reading