Ways to Cope with the “Homework Gap”

The majority of students will end the school day with a batch of homework that they must complete. Today, many schools require students to make use of the internet in order to complete their work. This can be a big problem for students who fall into the “homework gap”. What’s the “homework gap”? It is the space between the students whose families have access to the internet at home – and the students whose families do not have internet access at home. Those who cannot access the internet at home are at a disadvantage. The Council of Economic Advisers released … Continue reading

Don’t Do Your Child’s Homework for Them

One of the biggest complaints of students of all ages is the amount of homework they are assigned. This is true for kindergarteners, college students, and everyone in between. Teachers expect that the students will do their own homework, perhaps with a little help from their parents. You don’t do your children’s homework for them, though, right? An article in The Telegraph reveals some surprising things about who is really doing the homework that teachers assign. The information comes from a poll of 2,000 parents who had children between the ages of 5 and 15. The research showed that in … Continue reading

How to Set Up a Homework Station

The new school year is upon us. Your kids are likely to have at least a little bit of homework to do after school. Many parents find it difficult to convince their children to sit down and do their homework. One thing that can make the situation a little less stressful, and more productive, is to set up a homework space. How to Setup a Homework Area It is easy to see why kids and teens don’t enjoy doing their homework. They just spent their whole day at school trying to learn things that are new to them, working on … Continue reading

Homework is Ineffective

After dropping off my oldest at school, (I have one child in school.) I heard an interesting bit of news on the radio.  The news report was about a study that determined homework was ineffective.  Since, that study came out, it is said that many teachers and schools are trying to cut back on homework.  This is relieving for many students and parents who claim the kids have hours of homework a night. Homeschooling parents do not assign homework.   Students may have assignments to work on outside of school hours but in reality there is no end to learning … Continue reading

How to Set Up a Homework Space

There will be many changes for your child to adjust to once the new school year is underway. The one thing that you can pretty much count on is that your child will end up with homework to do. This means you need to set up a good homework space for him or her to work in. Children who have special needs tend to thrive when they know that there is a routine to follow. They can predict what will happen next, and this can make transitioning from one activity to another a little bit easier. This means that it … Continue reading

A Case of the Flu Becomes Homework

One time when I was home schooling my girls I came down with a horrible case of the flu. Although I usually work right through illnesses, this one just about knocked the stuffing out of me. I spent most of my time in bed or in the bathroom. The first day was the worst so I just let my kids have the day off, took time out for myself, and figured we could make up the work another day. By the second day I finally felt I would survive the flu bug, but still didn’t have the strength to put … Continue reading

How Much Should a Parent Help with Homework?

How much should a parent help with homework? That’s a question most parents face at some stage or another in their child’s education. Unfortunately some parents tend to take over and end up virtually doing the whole job themselves. They think they are helping. In reality they are not. Doing it for them teaches the child nothing. Often we learn best by doing it ourselves. It’s okay to show an interest or to explain if your child is not clear about what to do, but you should never take over the task and do it for them. The other danger … Continue reading

Should You Stop Checking Homework when They Ask You To?

There was a time when homework and schoolwork was a family affair. My kids would settle down at the dining table and we would work on things together or, if they did the work at some other time, they would inevitably ask me to look things over or help in some capacity. Somewhere around the end of middle-school, my role quickly diminished and by high school, it is very rarely that my kids ask me for help with anything. It is generally just requests to sign things or get certain items or materials they might need for a project. I’m … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Send Home Projects

There are a few teachers that I know that enjoy having their students complete “send home” projects. These projects typically involve both the student and the parents completing some type of activity or craft. These “send home” projects can be lengthy. The teachers usually allow the students at least one weekend to get them completed. Some teachers assign the project a week or more before it is due. Some of the projects can be very time consuming for families. Some can even be costly. In some cases the parents end up doing much of the work and the child does … Continue reading

Tips for Busy Children

While clubs, sports, and other activities can be good for children to help develop physical, emotional, and social skills, children can be involved in too many activities. When a child is overloaded with activities he/she will show signs of being tired. He/she may have headaches or stomach aches. Schoolwork and homework may also begin to suffer and drop in grades. When these things begin to happen, it is the parents’ responsibility to step up and limit the involvement. Parents need to let children know that academics and school come first. Activities come after the work is complete. Some coaches can … Continue reading