Private Ownership Vs. Communal Property

Any parent with more than one child knows that one of the ongoing debates is what belongs to whom? Any item that comes into the house either belongs to an individual or is considered community property. Of course, the actual possession and ownership of items (and this can be toys, books, clothes, food, you name it!) is constantly shifting. There will be battles, fights and all sorts of disagreement over the ownership rights of everything! I remember in the world that I grew up in, our house usually had we three kids, plus three of my cousins in it. At … Continue reading

“Mom! Have You Seen My…?”

I think it is safe to say that there are very few items and articles I have not been asked to find in this house–at least once! Everything from items of clothing to calculators to keys and bus passes to lost library books. I’ve even been asked if I know the whereabouts of things I did not even know had found their way into the house (live creatures tend to unhinge me the most)… No one tells you that when you become a parent you will also need to be chief prop master and inspector-of-lost-and-misplaced items. Sure, you’re warned about … Continue reading

5 Great New Uses for Bandannas

That’s bandanas or bandannas folks, not bananas. I suddenly have a ton of them. After cleaning out some old containers in the basement along with two dresser drawers I counted 32 of the little fabric squares. And I know we have more in our dress up box, in my drawer and the children have a few in their drawers. While I might not know how we acquired so many of them, I know some great things to do with them. Flags Bandannas make great flags. You can sew them together to create one large solid or colorful flag, or allow … Continue reading

What Can You Do With an Empty Glass Jar?

We accumulate trash everyday, every time we cook, or eat. But why throw it away when it can serve a greater purpose? The trash to treasure concept helps save money and can make a trashed item useful again. In fact, I love re-purposing items to use for organization, another hobby of mine. Organizing small things can be a real challenge. You want to keep them handy, make sure there is enough space to store them, and utilize items the best way you can. So how do you solve this problem? Start saving your jars, film canisters, and any other empty … Continue reading

Nail Files Have Five More Great Uses

Recently I found some awesome deals on nail files, and went a little crazy buying them. For whatever reason I felt I needed them in my stockpile! I purchased a few very large packages of those cute little nail files, and now I have literally hundreds of those things. Of course it’s great, because I keep losing them and then I always have more, which is perfect; I tend to lose things easily. However, what I did figure out is that a nail file has a whole plethora of additional uses, besides just filing your fingernails. A nail file is … Continue reading

More Frugal Ways To Use Paper Clips

Paper clips are one of those things you often have lying around all over the house. In an earlier article about Frugal Uses for Paper Clips, I provided a few uses for them. Now I’d like to share some more! Skirt Pleats My daughter’s own a ton of pleated skirts, and washing and ironing them can be such a chore. However, I did find a way to make ironing a bit easier. Attach a paper clip to individual pleats and iron as you normally would. Helps to define the pleat and make it easier to iron! Good to the Last … Continue reading

Use Household Items to Help Create Layouts

I was just working on a layout this past weekend and I wanted to create a half circle out of patterned paper for the layout background. My circle cutter was too small for the job, so I started looking around my house for something that I could use as a template for the semi-circle. I was amazed with the variety of things I found around my house that I would be using to help me scrapbook. I’d like to share some of my discoveries with you. Plates and Platters. A large platter is what gave me just the right curve … Continue reading