Tips in the Kitchen 3

Don’t you just love it when you find a tip that makes your time in the kitchen so much better? I’ve been sharing some of my best kitchen-related tips and strategies. While melting chocolate in a microwave can be more convenient than using a double boiler, it can quickly become a disaster. Chocolate burns easily. To help reduce the chances of this happening to your chocolate, use a clear glass bowl that will allow you to see the progress of the chocolate in the microwave. Heat it in 30-second intervals, and always stir it between heating times. Sometimes what looks … Continue reading

How to Sweep 2

Okay, so we have got the basics out of the way when it comes to how to sweep quickly and efficiently. Now here is more, including notes on technique and how to pick that dirt up. Sweep this way While sweeping may seem somewhat instinctive, you’ll have better results if you hold the broom with one hand on top of the handle and the other hand toward the middle of the broom. Think of it as though you are holding a canoe paddle. To get a good sweeping done, push your hands in opposite directions. This will give you a … Continue reading

How to Make Oat Flour

Oats are still pretty inexpensive around here, especially when you consider all of the nutritional value that they contain. Oat flour is also gluten free in and of itself. Buying oat flour at the grocery store or specialty store can be quite expensive. This is because there isn’t as much demand of oat flour, making it a specialty item. You are much better off making it yourself. While oat flour won’t behave like wheat flour, you can use it in baking when you combine it with wheat flour (white or whole wheat). If flour prices are getting a bit to … Continue reading

Clever Household Tips

Do you know how to treat an underarm stain or stop the pain of a paper cut? Here are some clever household tips for you to try out at home. Underarm stains Underarm stains can be so frustrating. You’ve tried all sorts of cleaners, including bleach and Oxyclean, right? Here is a little trick that seem to get the job done for t-shirts and other cotton shirts. Dissolve nine aspirin into a cup of warm water. Saturate the stain with the solution and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes. Then launder your shirt as usual. Pencil stains … Continue reading

How to Organize Home E-Mail

Being organized can make your life a lot easier and your home more pleasant to live in. Having a chaotic e-mail system can put a lot of stress on your and waste hours weeding through things. It can also cause issues if you do electronic banking or miss important notices and appointments. Here are some tips on how to keep all of your e-mail organized. You should treat e-mail the same way you would traditional mail. All e-mail should fall into one of three categories: Delete, To Do, Archive. First start with setting up folders to reflect the above categories. … Continue reading

How to Price Garage Sale Items

If you want to have a successful yard sale and make a good profit, you’ll need to know how to price items to sell. Here are some helpful tips. And be sure to look for a second post in this series that serves as a guide for common yard sale items and what they should priced. Know Your Region Yard sale prices can vary according to the part of the country that you are in, and what people are looking to buy. The best way to figure out how to price your items is to go around to other yard … Continue reading

How to Care for Emeralds

My engagement ring consists of a diamond in the middle with two green emeralds on either side. The setting originally called for three diamonds, the larger one in the middle with two smaller one to the left and the right. My husband took me to the jeweler he had chosen just to make sure that I would like the ring. The engagement was no surprise, and in fact he had already presented me with a mock up of the ring that he crafted himself. Getting my nails done before the wedding, the nail technician offered to clean my ring until … Continue reading

Frugal Living: Have a Half Day

Challenge yourself to only use half of everything in your regular routine today. Not only will you save, but it may teach you exactly what you need and don’t need. What is a half day? A half day is when you go around your home or day and consciously choose to only use half of the amount of the stuff that you usually use. To keep it simple, approach each product or service and then half it to the best of your ability. By doing this for one day, you can have fun in the challenge, while learning what products … Continue reading

Baby Blog Week in Review: November 17th Through November 23rd

Are you having a quiet Thanksgiving with your baby, or will the whole extended family be there? Babies just add a special spark to the holidays, don’t they? Here is the Baby Blog week in review for November 17th through 23rd November 17th Baby Blog Week in Review: November 10th Through November 16th Here is the Baby Blog week in review for November 10th through November 16th. November 18th Your Special Baby Lyrics Do you have a special song that you shared with your baby? There are certain songs that are special to me for each of my children. These … Continue reading

Make Your Own Runner Rug

With the holidays on their way, you may be thinking about sprucing up your home a bit before company comes, or just to have a warm, fresh look. With everyone pinching pennies these days, home decor might be the last thing on your mind, especially with high food, gas and heating bills. Still, there is plenty you can do on a budget. A runner rug is a great idea for warming up your floors and even protecting them. These rugs are great in hallways of course, but you can use them pretty much anywhere you have the space. By making … Continue reading