Tips to get better Customer/Tech Support

One of the most frustrating things can be calling a company for customer or technical support and getting unsatisfactory service. I’ve had this happen and I’m sure most of us can tell horror stories from our past. I also have a slightly more unique experience with this topic and that is working on the other end of the phone. While in college one of the jobs I had was customer support and then tech support for one of the top three cell phone companies. There are many things that can frustrate us when we are calling for help. Long hold … Continue reading

Top Ten Ways to Sabotage Your Workout (Part I)

We’ve all done it at some point. We’ve worked out regularly and we haven’t found ourselves improving or further challenged. Sometimes we just need to shake our workout program up. Sometimes we’re sabotaging ourselves. The following is Part 1 of the top ten ways we sabotage ourselves and our workout. 1. Chugging Gatorade before a workout – Gatorade is great for restoring the body during a really strenuous workout or when you are sweating profusely. But the problem with sports drinks and Gatorade is that they are very high in sugar and calories. If you aren’t going to be performing … Continue reading

The Scrapbook Journaling Process: The Advanced 5 W’s

Beyond the Basic 5 W’s of Scrapbook Journaling, is the more advanced details. I have dubbed these the advanced 5 W’s. They are in essence the same as the Basics, but in greater detail. These will take your journal writing into a more complete stage. If you are comfortable with just the basic 5 W’s, then stop there. But if you want more depth in your journaling, then let’s focus on the more advanced techniques. Let’s start with a simple statement using the basic 5 W’s rule. “Johnny played for hours outside on this chilly day in October.” Now let’s … Continue reading

Top Ten Kitchen Tips #1 – Meat

1. If you need to slice meat thinly, do it while the meat is partially frozen. It’s much easier. 2. When you marinate meat, put the meat and the marinade in a big zip-style plastic bag. This is convenient, reduces spills and cleanup is easy because you just throw the bag away when you are done. 3. Buy boneless chicken breasts or pork chops in bulk to save money. Freeze them on a baking sheet individually and then in freezer bags. That way, they won’t freeze in one big chunk and you’ll be able to thaw just what you need. … Continue reading

Using I Language

What does using ‘I’ language refer to? We hear a lot about it in articles that tell us how to argue and how to disagree. The majority of these relationship books talk about using complaints instead of criticisms. They advise you to use ‘I’ language instead of ‘you’ language. It’s incredibly difficult to do this; I don’t care what the books say. Even when you think you have a handle on it, it’s hard. Some examples of ‘I’ language versus ‘you’ language include: “You are always blowing off your chores.” “Can’t you ever just do what you say you’re going … Continue reading

When To Drop Your Child From Your Auto Insurance.

You might be thinking how wonderful it’s going to be when your teenage driver goes off to college and you can stop paying a high premium for auto liability insurance. After all, a child away at college who can’t drive your car shouldn’t need to be included on your coverage any more–Right? Think again! One of the most common requests I had while I was an active insurance agent was to delete the young driver’s off their parent’s auto insurance policy. Every time a new college term stated I dreaded the calls from the anxious parents. As nice as it … Continue reading

Saving an entire Web page for offline viewing

Saving an entire Web page, graphics, links and all, is a really simple process. Yesterday, we discussed how to save portions of text and graphics from Web pages. Today, we’ll cover how to save complete, individual Web pages using Microsoft Internet Explorer. I’ll discuss two popular formats that you can use to save Web pages: HTML and MHTML. Saving HMTL files Saving Web pages is similar to saving any other type of file. One way to save an entire Web page is to save the actual programming code, so the page can be recreated on your computer without need for … Continue reading

Windows power options and hibernate

The hibernate power option for Windows if useful for those who want to turn their computer off and on quickly. Earlier today we discussed the usefulness of using the log on feature and yesterday we covered the stand by feature. Rounding out our discussion of power down options will be hibernation. Hibernate Starting with Windows 2000, you have the option to “hibernate” your computer rather than use the turn off function. Hibernate allows you to save the current state of your desktop, including all open programs, before turning off the computer. When you turn your computer back on, your desktop … Continue reading

Thank You Notes Get Jobs

A big step that most people miss in the interview process is the thank you note. Yes, I’m sorry to say that I am going to make you write a thank you note. It is important that an interviewer know that you appreciate the time that it took for them to interview you. Let me take a moment to show you an interview from the perspective of the interviewer. My job requires that I interview, among other things, and so I have the ability to see it from an employer’s perspective. I have interviews scheduled for the class I teach, … Continue reading

Growing Bonsai – Pot and Culture Rules

When it comes to Bonsai pots, these matter in the overall scheme of things. Therefore, you want the pot to have a depth the same as the trunk’s caliper, with the exception of the Cascade style. In addition, the tree should be planted in the midline section of the pot, then to the left or right of the centerline and if you were using a fruit or flowering tree, then you want to choose glazed pots that have colors to enhance the Bonsai. In addition, the width of the pot should be two-thirds that of the tree’s height. If the … Continue reading