“I Don’t Have That Much Power”

To small children, we parents can seem pretty all-powerful. Even to older children, if we’ve done our job right of setting an example and providing a consistent and kind authority figure for our kids, they will likely think we have far more power and control over the world than we do. I think it helps to periodically remind them that we really DON’T have that much power and let them know what we parents can and cannot control. I never saw my parents as invincible, but I know that my children have a tendency to assume that I have more … Continue reading

Scrapbooking Your Values and Virtues

Recently I came across an interesting article which was talking about Benjamin Franklin. I am usually one of those gals that seriously does not enjoy most historical information. I am just not a history buff, and I prefer the literary world much more. However, there was a blurb in the article that caught my eye. It stated that Benjamin Franklin made a list of thirteen personal virtues in which he wanted to develop within himself during his lifetime. I was absolutely fascinated with that idea, and immediately I saw a scrapbook layout developing in my mind. The virtues that Mr. … Continue reading

A Little Vulnerability Can Be Good For Your Business

I have learned over the years that while toughness can be a good thing, and there is definitely a time and place in the world of business for a steely disposition, vulnerability can be good too. I’m not talking about the crying at business meetings that I wrote about a few days ago, but really more about being ourselves and showing a genuine, tender side. This is how relationships are built. Think back over your own relationships with bosses, coworkers, and colleagues–chances are the ones you came to trust the most, enjoy working with, and the ones with whom you … Continue reading