What is Hybrid Scrapbooking?

If you are active in the scrapbooking community at all, you might have seen reference to a new term dubbed hybrid scrapbooking. But what in the world does it mean? Is scrapbooking going green or is it referencing some scrapbooking vehicle for us hobby lovers? Nope. It’s a whole new take on the world of scrapbooking and it has taken off like a storm. First let’s look at what the word hybrid means. Hybrid is a something of mixed origin or composition. It essentially means two things that have been combined to be one thing. So knowing that, how does … Continue reading

Cool Green Gadgets

If you want to see what might be in store in the future for your home, you might not need to look any where but the most recent Electrolux Design Lab competition. Here are some of the innovative inventions that won prizes. who knows, you may be seeing these products for your home in a few years. The top prize in the competition went to a student from Hungary who designed the E-Wash. This is a compact washing machine that uses soap nuts instead of detergent. Soap nuts are a natural product that can be grown and harvested, so it … Continue reading

Hybrid Homeschooling

I guess you could call us Hybrid Homeschoolers. While we have nothing to do with traditional schools, my children still attend a ‘school’ program. While Masters Academy is technically called a tutoring program, this coming year, the children will take History, Art, Music, and Drama on Mondays and History and Literature, Grammar, Math, and Science on Thursdays. On the days they have off they will complete their assignments at home. I am still responsible for attendance reporting, and can choose the level to which the kids complete assignment. In other words, I can opt to have the children complete a … Continue reading

Would You Rent A Hybrid?

I’ve been trying to find a good deal on a rental car in preparation for our trip to Indianapolis. I told the customer service representatives at the various rental companies I called that I was contemplating renting a van (we don’t really need one, although the extra space would be nice) but was concerned about the astronomical gas prices. That’s when the employee at Hertz offered me the use of a new, fuel-efficient hybrid car. Apparently, car rental giants such as Hertz and Avis have recently added thousands of hybrid cars to their fleets. According to the Hertz representative, the … Continue reading

Test Driving A Hybrid

Has the high cost of gas got you thinking of trading in your SUV for a hybrid? It seems a bit drastic, but you would be surprised at how many consumers are cruising down to their local car dealership to test drive these vehicles that combine the best features of internal combustion engines and electric motors. I know because I recently tagged along with a friend as she test drove a hybrid for the first time. Before, you jump on the hybrid bandwagon you should know that these fuel-efficient cars are in high demand and not all car dealerships have … Continue reading