Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Rated: PG Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a movie that the whole family will enjoy. It is filled with just enough peril and danger to make it exciting yet it teaches a lesson in taking care of your family no matter how differently your family may be or who your family consists of. The main characters in this movie were wooly mammoth husband and wife, Manny and Ellie, squirrels Scrat and love interest/nut competitor, Scratte, possums Crash and Eddie, weasel Buck, Sid the sloth, and Diego the sabre-toothed tiger. There is also Rudy, the feared dinosaur of gigantic … Continue reading

Are Your Muscles Sore?

Have you ever rolled over in the morning and felt so stiff you could hardly reach the alarm clock? It’s a pretty common phenomenon we’ve all experienced after a particularly arduous physical workout whether it was helping a friend move or taking the kids out for an extended day at the water park or just pushing that extra set in the gym. It’s called delayed muscle soreness and for many it’s a huge turn off from exercising. After all, if they feel worse after doing it – why would they do it? If you understand what causes sore muscles, you … Continue reading

Frugal Winter Wonderland: Ice Candles

Want to turn your backyard into a winter wonderland for pennies? Try making some ice candles! Making ice candles is an easy craft that you can do with your family. Children as young as preschool can help. You can make one or two ice candles for fun, or make a large bunch to light up your backyard, line your drive way and more. All lit up, these candles are truly magical. For supplies you will first need some containers to make the outside of the candles. Kid’s sand pails are a perfect size, but you can use almost any wide … Continue reading

Be Sure to I.C.E. Your Cell Phone!

Following the Terrorist Bus Bombings in London a movement to educate the public and start a new trend was made when Scotland Yard issued a request that citizens be sure to I.C.E. their cell phones. This movement started because in the aftermath of the bombings many dead and injured people were found in possession of cell phones. Authorities and emergency workers finding the cell phones believed they were good tools to use for contacting family or friends of unidentified victims. The problem was that most of the found cell phones had more then just a few programmed phone numbers or … Continue reading

Five Tips For Driving on Icy, Slippery or Snow Covered Roads.

. When I was a young driver I had this idea that accidents in the snow were no one’s fault. I really have no clue where this notion came from, considering I took my behind the wheel driver’s test in ten-feet of snow. I just thought that an accident on slippery snow covered roads, would be expected so therefore no one would be at fault. I guess, this might be how a teenager thinks, at least until they learn the hard way. Just to make it real clear, when a driver has an accident in the snow–it isn’t God’s fault–and … Continue reading

Is Winter Here Already?

The region I live in is known for its mild climate, although we do have bouts of severe weather throughout the year. You may remember my accounts of wicked weather early in the fall, but now it looks like winter has arrived… suddenly! It’s been in the high 60’s and low 70’s all week, even last night. I was driving home around midnight after taking my husband to work, and the time and temp readings at the local banks were all hovering in the mid sixties. This morning at around 6:00, it was in the fifties but it has steadily … Continue reading

Other Holiday Events at Walt Disney World Resorts

In addition to the special holiday events at the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, there are events all over the Walt Disney World Resort! Be sure to check out the events at the Disney MGM Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and the Downtown Disney area. At Disney’s MGM Studios, go see the “The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights presented by SYLVANIA.” You can stroll down New York Street and be dazzled by millions of lights. These lights are synchronized to a symphony, with carousels, angels, and Santa with his reindeer! This spectacle has been newly enhanced this season, and certainly makes … Continue reading