How to Make Ice Cream

A fun activity to share with your children is making ice cream.  You do not need to buy an ice cream maker to have fun with this activity.  I just purchased an ice cream maker and the family loves it.  Just be warned it does take time to make ice cream, unless you do it by hand as the recipe is for below. Ice Cream without an Ice Cream Maker Ingredients 2 cups cold heavy/whipping cream 1 14-ounce can sweetened condensed milk Your choice of mix-ins (berries, chocolate, cookies, etc.)   Instructions   Whip cream with mixer or whisk until … Continue reading

Dining in the Woods—Campfire Cookies and Ice Cream in a Bag

It ain’t over ‘til it’s over. That’s the way I feel about summer. While the majority of students head back to school this week it doesn’t mean you have to put a lid on outdoor activities. If you haven’t had the chance to go camping yet this year don’t despair. Many campgrounds stay open through October, giving you the opportunity to take your kids on an outdoor adventure of a lifetime. One of the highlights of camping is getting to cook meals on an open fire. Kids love munching on anything that can spear with a stick, but they also … Continue reading

A Cool Treat for a Hot Celeb

Forget about the life-size statutes, the park benches with engraved plaques and the namesake streets, avenues and boulevards. The one true way you can tell if you have arrived in Hollywood is when you get your own ice cream flavor. I certainly would consider it one of life’s highest honors. Jerry Garcia, Dave Matthews and Phish are among the lucky musicians who have gained the prestigious honor from Ben & Jerry’s and now legendary rocker Sir Elton John is being immortalized in frozen sugar and cream as well. This Friday you’ll get your first chance to dig into “Goodbye Yellow … Continue reading

Make a Watermelon Ice Cream Cake and other Cool Summer Treats

My preschooler loves strawberries. But, she’ll gladly gobble up watermelon when it’s around. During the summer months I try to keep as much of the refreshing fruit around as possible. When I was a kid my brothers and I would rock, paper, scissors for the last piece of watermelon, yet I know there are many people who don’t particularly care for the juicy summer fruit. Fortunately, your family doesn’t have to love watermelon to love this next recipe. They’ll have to tolerate the sight of it, but they don’t have to enjoy the taste. That’s because the recipe doesn’t call … Continue reading

Frugal Living Review: June 16th Through June 22nd

From grocery shopping to Goodwill, and from ice cream to value, there is certainly a lot of stuff to know about living frugally. Have a look at all of the good stuff posted last week. June 16th Frugal Living Review: June 9th Through June 15th Have you been finding that your budget is exploding these days? We actually haven’t been doing too badly, but we have changed our lifestyle just a little bit to accommodate some of the increases in prices. Later this week, I’ll be sharing some of the changes I have made in grocery shopping, for example. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

Saving Money on Ice Cream

Ice cream is a great treat for families, especially in summer, although don’t let the seasons stop you. Did you know that New England, known for its cold winters, is the ice cream eating capital of the country? Having lived in New England, I can attest that there are homemade ice cream shops by the dozens in every county. The expense of ice cream can really add up. Here are some ways to save. Stock up when ice cream is buy one get one free. This is the magic price, although you obviously need to look at the brand and … Continue reading

Ice Cream Ball Fondue

This is the ultimate in special desserts for your family. You will have earned your accolades though. . .this is not an easy or quick recipe. Adapted from something I found from the food network, this display has three different sauce and then you dip the ice cream balls into the sauce of your choice. My suggestion for doing three sauces is to use a condiment dish that sets on a wire rack and use tealights or a small candle underneath. On the other hand, if your family is like mine, they will eat this so quickly that keeping the … Continue reading

Even More Frugal Kitchen Tips

Have you been following our frugal kitchen tips? They are great ideas for saving money in the busiest room in the house. I like to concentrate on this room, because I find that establishing good frugal habits in the kitchen can take me a long way to saving money. Plus, it is always fun for me to save in the kitchen. My mom was practicing this next idea for as long as I can remember, far longer than the frugal lifestyle got to be so popular (See Nicole’s blog). If you need a really cheap way to keep those potato … Continue reading

Ice Cream Fun – Options for National Ice Cream Day

Did you know that June is National Ice Cream Month and that the third Sunday of the month, today, is National Ice Cream day? What a great excuse to eat some ice cream! My family loves ice cream and we can think of all sorts of ways to celebrate. Today we have plans to visit our neighborhood ice cream store after lunch. But we could also make homemade ice cream in our new freezer, or ice cream sodas. A few years ago some friends of ours had an ice cream party that I’ve always meant to copy. They asked everyone … Continue reading

Free Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! I remember when my great aunt used to sing that song to me. I was a little girl, and that seemed to be the most clever song that I had ever heard. Whenever I hear it now, I always think of summer days. And when I think of ice cream, I usually think of summer. It is funny that ice cream and summer have such strong associations with each other for me. After all, I used to live in New England, where the citizens pride themselves on being the largest … Continue reading