A Sweet Home Based Business Idea

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, sweet treats are definitely in demand. It may be too late to start a candy – making business this year, but you have plenty of time between now and next Valentines’ Day to look into whether your home – based success story could be a sweet one. Candy is popular all year round, not just on Valentine’s Day, and people are always looking for new and exciting treats. As with any home – based food business, it is important that you check local laws and licensing requirements before you delve too deeply into … Continue reading

Court Rules School Must Reimburse Parents for Tuition

This is a unique case! A court has ruled that a public school district must reimburse parents whose child is now in a residential facility. The facility is not located in the same state as the school district. The court ruled that the school is still required to pay for the cost of enrollment. Public schools are required to properly provide for students who have special needs. This is a federal law. If the school is unable, or unwilling, to do so, the parent has the option to remove her child from the public school and place the child into … Continue reading

Top Scrapbooking Idea Books of 2007

Scrapbooking idea books bring loads of ideas, how-to’s, techniques and layout inspiration. They are a wonderful addition to any scrapbooker’s bookshelf, however should be purchased carefully. All those idea books can add up in cost, and take up a lot of valuable room if they aren’t being used. It is also difficult to know which idea books to get when you don’t know anything about them. You can either check them out at the library or find other sources to borrow or look through them before deciding if you want to purchase them. Below I have compiled a list of … Continue reading

Are Those Idea Books Any Good?

Are the idea books out on the market any good? Will they inspire you? Will you find creative inspiration and create hundreds of layouts when you finally sit down to scrap? I have no idea. And there is not answer to that question. Every book is different and what one scrapbooker loves, another dislikes. I am here to tell you a few surefire ways to find out if you will like the idea book you are curious about, before you ever put a penny down. Message Boards The first thing to do is to search the Internet for a book … Continue reading

Where to Find Great Scrapbooking Idea Books

Most of my friends would tell you that I am queen of scrapbooking idea books and magazines. I can never seem to get enough. In fact, when I think about organizing my scrapbook room, those are often the first items I start with, because it just seems like there are so many. Over the past few months though, I have taken time to really minimize my collection. I removed any magazines that were more than two years old and freecycled them. Then it was onto weeding through the hundreds of idea books. Some were very easy to just give away, … Continue reading

Parents Advocating for Special Children Sued by Local Bar Association

Recently in Ohio, two different families sued their board of education over special education services for their children. Brian Woods of Akron, successfully sued on behalf of his son Daniel, and won approximately $160,000 worth of concessions from the board. Jeff and Sandy Winkelman of Parma have filed suit on behalf of their autistic son Jacob. Mr Woods, an adjunct professor at a community college is not a lawyer, yet he prevailed over a team of lawyers. So the Cleveland Bar Association decided to sue him. Seems there is this technical glitch in the law about someone who is not … Continue reading

Make a Calendar, Chore Board, or Schedule

To keep chores, important appointments, and other things from seeming monotonous, help your kids make a colorful, fun calendar, chore board, or schedule that can be viewed at a glance to help them remember things that need to be done as well as special events. Instead of just writing stuff on an existing calendar, make a large customized one with lots of fun pictures, stickers, stamps, and eye-catching reminders. Most desktop publishing programs have calendar layouts, so you might want to let your children each design their own at the beginning of each month, adding important events or reminders before … Continue reading

Hammered Tin Craft Project

If you like the look of hammered tin, you’ll like this project. It’s tin as in “tin foil,” but it produces a similar effect. Your children will enjoy this project, even the older kids, because it produces results far more attractive than typical cut and glue projects and it makes great gifts. *Children require adult supervision during this activity Items Needed: Picture Frame Aluminum foil or foil wrapping paper Cardboard, cork, or protected work surface Leather punch or medium size nail Light duty hammer Colored paper or fabric First, you’ll need to choose a picture frame. A black frame with … Continue reading

Make an Idea Folder

Sure, you can buy a folder, but it’s not as much fun as making one (directions below). If you decide to purchase folders, let your little artists label and decorate them. Once you make or purchase a folder, you will begin filling it with all kinds of ideas for craft projects. You can collect ideas from magazines, print ideas and instructions that you find online, and write down ideas as you and your children think of them. Visiting the library is a great source for new ideas, and a trip to the library is a good adventure. Share your ideas … Continue reading

What Qualifies as a Disability?

According to IDEA (The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004), there are thirteen recognized areas of disability. When your child has an assessment by a team of professionals, he or she will be eligible for special education services if he falls into one of the following categories: 1. Autism 2. Deaf-Blindness 3. Deafness 4. Emotional Disturbance 5. Hearing Impairment 6. Mental Retardation 7. Multiple Disabilities 8. Orthopedic Impairment 9. Other Health Impairment (ADD/ADHD) 10. Specific Learning Disability 11. Traumatic Brain Injury 12. Visual Impairment Including Blindness 13. Speech or Language Impairment I will discuss these areas of disability … Continue reading