The Idea Book Dilemma

It almost seems that every time I open the pages of some of my favorite scrapbooking magazines, or visit my favorite scrapbooking spots on the Internet, I am hearing about a new must-have idea book. If I purchased them all, not only could I own my own bookstore but I would never be able to purchase anything else. So how do you know if an idea book is worth it, and how do you get the best deal? Read on. How do you know it is worth it? You ask. Simple and easy, but very necessary – ask around. See … Continue reading

Holiday Scrapbooking Gift Guide – part one

With the holiday season upon us, it is time to start thinking about a gift for your favorite scrapbooker. I’ve gone through my favorite products to create the following list of gifts that I’m sure that any scrapbooker would appreciate. Time to scrap. (FREE!) This could be the best gift of all. Arrange for babysitting, a place to scrapbook and your scrapbooker will be happy. Crop-a-dile. ($26) This is my latest exciting tool. It really does live up to all of the hype that I had heard about it. You can punch holes and set eyelets through almost anything. For … Continue reading

Free Scrapbooking Inspiration

With scrapbooking, as with any art, we are always looking for new sources of inspiration for our work. Keeping up with all of the scrapbooking magazine would be impossible and unbelievably expensive. So here are a few ideas for free scrapbooking ideas and information. Go to the Library. Your local library can be a great source of scrapbooking and paper crafts idea books. I have notice that our library stays pretty current with idea books. If your library doesn’t have a good selection of scrapbooking idea books, you could always request that they buy some. Also, try checking out other … Continue reading

Join the Scrapbook Club

The ScrapBook Club is the first and only book club exclusively for scrapbookers! Yes, that’s right. It’s a book club just for us. And it’s full of great benefits. Your selections come right to your door. No more running to the store to pick up the latest idea book, you can get it right in your mailbox. Everyday low prices, make building your idea library easy and affordable. The ScrapBook Club isn’t like other book clubs either. There is no minimum number of books to buy. Shipping and handling is FREE! There’s a members only website where you can accept … Continue reading