Dependence Day

Sometimes we all need to depend on someone else. Today, my daughter was sick with the…well, I don’t think that I want to explain it, actually. I’ve gotten a little coddled by the fact that I have an independent daughter. In the fall, we went through a very difficult period of time when my daughter did not want me to leave, ever. Since I work outside the home part time, this was rather difficult. She has a lovely preschool class and wonderful grandparents who take care of her, but none of them were sufficient for a few months. I despaired, … Continue reading

Easter Fun in Cold Weather

Today, in Colorado, the temperatures are just below freezing. Icicles are forming everywhere from the melting snow. And we have up to three inches of snow scheduled for tonight. Not exactly ideal Easter weather. I still think of green grass, flowers, new spring dresses, and flowered hats as being Easter. But I know all the little girls in their pretty spring dresses will be covered up by their winter coats for church tomorrow. It’s not the first Easter we’ve had snow. In our sixteen years here we’ve made more than one snow bunny instead of snowman. We discovered that the … Continue reading

Indoor Family Relays

If the weather outside if frightful, there’s no reason things inside can’t be delightful. Sure, kids get bored easily and we grown ups do sometimes as well. This is the perfect time to try out some indoor family relays. You can divide family members into teams or play one on one. Quick Trip Relay Give each person or team a suitcase or duffel at the start line. At the other end of the room, place a stack of clothes, socks, pajamas, etc. (an equal number of items in each stack). Each member will run to the stack, grab one item, … Continue reading