Some Kids Need More Specific Guidance and Instruction

Some of us can pick up general ideas and others of us seem to be able to figure out what needs to be done or what is expected of us. As parents, we may have children like that or we may have children who need more direct instruction, minimal choices and specific guidance. If we can realize that everyone is different and adjust our parenting to be more specific, we may have better results! I am thinking of not only children, but also people I have worked with. There have been those with whom I found communicating a breeze and … Continue reading

(How Not to) Prepare for Seminary

Although the subject of Seminary seems to be a bit early for some, I know that in Georgia, school is started around the first week of August. So forgive me for intruding on our teens’ summer bliss, but I thought I’d share a few suggestions for getting ready for class. While the responsibility for Seminary attendance ultimately comes down to the student, there are things that parents can do to help. There are also things that parents can do that will not help. Let me give a few suggestions on things that parents can do that can impede the Seminary … Continue reading

Teaching a Scrapbooking Class: Location, Date and Time

Preparations for teaching a scrapbooking class depend a little on whether you plan to teach independently or if you are teaching through a scrapbook store. The difference is that, typically the scrapbook store will set the price of the class, help you with the supplies needed, and advertise. However, this is not always true. And if you are going to be teaching independently, those are all things you have to do. Location This is important. If you are teaching for a scrapbook store, than it is more than likely, not a concern. Because a scrapbook store will offer up their … Continue reading