All About Me: It’s In the Music

Calling all scrapbooking music buffs, right here, right now. Music is a wonderful way to relax, or use as a pick me up. There are so many different styles of music now, that it’s hard to choose a favorite. I’m a country girl at heart. That’s what I listen the most to, however I have a very broad range of interests from pop, to classic rock, and jazz and classical. Lately I’ve stepped out of my box and found myself enjoying and listening to Contemporary Christian music as well. Because Contemporary Christian is a rather diverse style, it’s available in … Continue reading

Meet the Orchestra: First Instruments

The latest DVD to hit the shelves from The Baby Einstein Company is “Meet The Orchestra: First Instruments.” This introduction to some musical instruments and their sounds is one way for your child to learn about instruments. Four orchestral sections plus the guitar and piano are featured on this DVD. “Meet the Orchestra” will help your child identify different instruments and the sounds they make. Each segment has a different orchestral section and instruments featured in it. The names of each instrument are displayed and said as the view zooms in on the instrument. Here are some of the instruments … Continue reading