The Decluttering Rules: Useless Furniture

Come on, you know you have it. I know I do. That piece of furniture that has been sitting in the living room, full of stuff from years gone by. Or perhaps it’s housing a single television and a few other items that could easily be stored elsewhere. It’s the scourge of the useless furniture. My house is full of useless furniture. Some of it has sentimental value, like my grandmother’s rolltop desk and her hope chest. This I will keep, because it has a lot of value to me. Most of our furniture has been gleaned from free sources, … Continue reading

In Decorating Don’t Assume

As a collector of owls of all sorts, pottery, wood, glass, ceramics etc my owls were taking over the coffee tables in the lounge room. That’s three tables. And the result was that they all looked cluttered. Originally, Mick was going to make a rookery for them. But then we saw the CD towers advertised. They were inexpensive and in a cherry color that fitted in with the rest of the furniture in that room, so we went and bought one. The tower is about 6 foot 6 inches high, 7 inches deep and 15 inches wide. It makes a … Continue reading

What to Buy for Your Home in October

In a previous post, I talked about some grocer food items that you should get ready to buy in October, even to the point of starting to stock up on those coupons, now. There are other bargains out there in October, especially for the home. You can save a lot of money in two major areas in October, if you are ready for the sales. The first area that I want to talk about is in home appliances. Stores will start reducing appliances in late September, and the deals will culminate in October. This is because most of the new … Continue reading

How We Saved Money on Furniture and Home Decor

We are in the middle of fixing up our dining room, complete with a new dining room table, a set of six chairs, and all of the tablecloths, place mats and decorative touches. We’ve already installed a new lighting fixture. One thing we haven’t done is to spend a lot of money on any of this. Here is how. First, we scouted around for a dining room set that we liked. We finally agreed on one that was cherry wood with simple lines. We knew that it needed to seat at least five (6) on a daily basis and be … Continue reading

Not So Extreme Home Makeover

If you have been following my blogs, you might be aware that I’m a big fan of decluttering and organizing while still maintaining a house that never seems to be far from clutter. Now to my defense (watch out, rationalizing here), I have three young children, a work at home career, a hardworking husband in the middle of a huge work project and a healthy sense of procrastination. But I still hate clutter and the feeling that there is no space. So why is it that in the past few weeks we have added three very large items to our … Continue reading

Spruce Up Bedroom Furniture

If you want to add a little bit of perk to your otherwise functional bedroom furniture, then you may like these ideas. They don’t cost much at all, and yet they add just the right amount of impact. If you have a tall armoire or other piece if furniture with doors, you can add a touch of color and or pattern by adding wallpaper or contact paper to the interior walls and doors. When you open the doors, you’ll see a great bit of design that doesn’t overwhelm the room as it might if the paper were on the outside … Continue reading

How to Choose Furniture for a Small Space

While the average home in America is upwards of 2.500 square feet, apartment dwellers usually don’t have that same amount of space. In fact, in major cities, apartments can be quite tiny. I, myself, grew up in a small apartment and have learned a few things about small space living. Here are my tips. Use small scale furnishing for your space. Many manufacturers specialize in furniture that is functional but made to a smaller scale than the average. Sleek profiles can give you more breathing space. Not only will it look as though your rooms are larger, but they will … Continue reading

Home Month in Review: November 2008

Is your home ready for the holidays and winter? Now that November is over, it is time to gear up for the December ahead. Take a look at last months articles and see if there is anything you missed! November 1st Home Blog Month in Review: October As I sit here looking out my window at the backyard, the birds are hovering in the pine tree against a strong wind and steady rain. The temperature is chilly today, and the calendar reminds me that we have left October behind. November 2nd Fall and Holiday Decorating with Nature 2 Isn’t it … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: November 24th Through November 30th

After last week’s running around for the holiday, I am looking forward to a quiet week at home. How was your week? If you missed any posts, check them out here. November 24th Graves are a Solar Energy Source Here is a news story about being green even after you have passed on from this world. The generations before that contributed to global warming can now contribute to saving the planet through solar energy. Home Week in Review: November 17th Through November 23rd Home sweet home! What would you love to see in the Home Blog? November 25th Free Thanksgiving … Continue reading

Budget Friendly Home Stores

In this economy shopping for your home should be approached with caution. It is easy to spend quite a bit when you purchase things for you home. Aside from a buy nothing policy which isn’t very practical, especially when the roof leaks or your kitchen chair breaks, what can you do? I’ve found that even in a tough economy, there are stores out there that are very budget friendly. They will help you out without breaking a budget. I’m not getting paid by any of these stores for recommending them (It would be nice if I were), so this is … Continue reading