Tristi Pinkston Shares Thoughts on Juggling, Ranting and Raving, and Faith

One of my resolutions for ‘08 was to emphasize the positives of marriage. My thinking was that if we have good examples to follow, we’ll have guides to help strengthen our own relationships. That said, I’d like to introduce you to my fellow blogger, Tristi Pinkston. Tristi is a Senior Blogger who covers Media, Movie Reviews, and LDS and has been married to her husband twelve and a half years. I asked if she’d be game for an interview because she’s a very witty, wise woman who always has sage advice. In other words, she’s primo role model material. I … Continue reading

Horses, Dogs, and Cats: Why It’s No Mystery They Appear in Kathleen Delaney’s Books

I didn’t plan it this way, but this seems to be the week for interviews with authors who have both Italian Greyhounds and German Shepherds. (Yesterday I posted an interview with author Lauren Carr whose pet menagerie also includes these breeds.) As you can tell from the above picture, the author du jour, Ms. Kathleen Delaney, also has two such dogs. Besides accompanying her to book signings, how else do her pooches help with her writing process? And does she model any characters after them? My inquiring mind wanted to know that and more, and Ms. Delaney was kind enough … Continue reading

Author Lauren Carr and the Many Animals That Inspire Her, An Interview

My next interview victim –er, I mean subject—is mystery author Lauren Carr. The thing that struck me most about her interview is how ingrained animals are in her life, and therefore in her books. Lauren shared a bunch of wonderful pet-related anecdotes that elicited more than one knowing head nod or chuckle from me. Will it be the same for you? Read for yourself and see if you can’t relate to her life with pets. Courtney Mroch: What kind of things do you write about? (Genre, subject matter, themes, what have you.) Lauren Carr: I am the author of the … Continue reading

An Interview with Art4Milkbones

Interesting names tend to catch my attention. So when I saw an Etsy shop called Art4Milkbones, I had to investigate! Owner and dog lover Elizabeth from Art4Milkbones was gracious enough to answer a few questions for me. Aimee: How did your business get started? What inspired you? Elizabeth: I found Etsy thru another site and really liked what I saw. I didn’t see a lot of dog themed items there at the time & decided to give my little woodcut pups a try. One thing led to another & I was hooked. My love for my dogs inspires me as … Continue reading

Author Interview — Anderson, Littke and Morris: Part Two

I’m very pleased to bring you part two of our exclusive interview with LDS authors Nancy Anderson, Lael J. Littke and Carroll H. Morris. If you missed yesterday, click here to catch up. I haven’t yet had the privilege of reading your series, although it’s on my wish list. Can you tell me, and our readers, about it? Lael: “Almost Sisters” is the first book of the series. In it, three very different women — Juneau from Pasadena, CA, Willadene from Wellsville, UT, and Erin from Minneapolis, MN — meet at BYU Education Week in 1980— Nancy: That might sound … Continue reading

The Post Mortem On Paris’ Interview

Did you happen to catch Paris Hilton’s first words as a free woman? I saw bits of pieces of her taped piece while I was getting my daughter ready for bed. The CNN interview (her first broadcast interview since leaving jail Tuesday) was conducted by Larry King and was just as I figured it would be—filled with awkward pauses as the heir-head–I mean heiress–collected her thoughts and tried to put them into words. If you missed the interview, which detailed the socialite’s 23 days behind bars here’s a sampling of what you would have heard: According to Paris, being locked … Continue reading

Paris Postscript

Well, you didn’t expect her to go on Larry King looking like she just spent 23 in jail did you? Oh wait. That is the reason Paris Hilton is appearing on the CNN show tonight. It’s been more than 24 hours since the hotel heiress strutted out of the Century Regional Detention Facility wearing tight jeans and $300 stilettos. Twenty-four hours later and any hope that the party princess had a major ego adjustment as a result of her time behind bars seems to be fading. The first sign that the celebutante’s stay in the slammer hasn’t readjusted her priorities—the … Continue reading

Princess Paris On King

Okay all you Paris Hilton fans… ready your TiVo’s for Wednesday night. According to the hotel heiress herself, that’s when she will appear live on CNN’s “Larry King Live” for her first post-jail interview. CNN confirmed the socialite’s appearance and said that she will be on for the entire hour. The news comes less than 24 hours after both NBC (the network that had originally booked Hilton’s first post-jail interview) and ABC pulled out of talks with the incarcerated blonde. Both networks were reportedly embarrassed by reports that they were willing to pay the Hilton family for materials related to … Continue reading

Courthouse Research Companies: Sunlark Research, Part One

As part of my mini-series on becoming a courthouse researcher, I have interviewed several research companies in hopes of helping my readers get a better feel for each company, and understand more about the industry. If you haven’t been reading my blog long (shame on you!) and have never heard of courthouse research before, then make sure to start reading at the beginning. Otherwise, read on! Today I wanted to talk about Sunlark Research. This is the company that I actually worked for, when I was a courthouse researcher. I have nothing but the best to say about the company, … Continue reading

Your Résumé: Some General Thoughts

Whatever you may think of your résumé, its goal is to make you look necessary to a potential employer. How do you do that, you may scream. Well, here are some thoughts on the matter. Make your résumé look different from the multitude of others that will cross a potential employer’s desk. Don’t go too far by being inappropriate, like printing your job history on yellow or orange neon paper, for example. Do, however, consider emphasizing those skills that an employer might be most interested in, even if there is no position immediately available. Your résumé serves as your market … Continue reading