Graduation—Part Four—Managing the Invitations and Announcements

In the old days, I like to think that it was a much simpler process to announce a high school graduation. In fact, I think things were pretty homogenized when I graduated and I simply had to order the announcements through the school—everyone’s looked alike and then I can’t remember if I addressed them and mailed them out or my mom did (I’m pretty sure it was me.) Regardless, it seemed a fairly easy and painless process. With my daughters, however, the invitations/announcements have been a bit of a bigger deal. First, my daughters decided they wanted to do a … Continue reading

Throwing a Puppy Shower—Step 2: Food

Once the invitations for your puppy shower are sent and the RSVPs tallied, you’ll want to start thinking about your menu. Unlike other types of showers, puppy showers have to accommodate both human and canine palettes. For the People Guests • Beverages – The typical drink options are always nice, like water, soft drinks, or juice. However, some alcoholic drinks have colorful dog names which would also be fun. (i.e. Mad Dog shots, and Hair of the Dog cocktails or Salty Dog cocktails.) • Appetizers or finger foods – If you want to serve fare keeping with the theme of … Continue reading

Throwing a Puppy Shower—Step 1: Invitations

If you decided to adopt a dog for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, congratulations! Maybe you’ve decided to celebrate by throwing a puppy shower. Let’s examine how to go about that in more detail. We’ll start with invitations, since guests are a crucial component to any successful party. Here’s some things to keep in mind when you’re putting together your guest list: • Size: Do you want a small, intimate party or a larger one? • Family and/or Friends: Will you keep it to family only? Or will you invite friends as well? • Dog Guests: If I was to … Continue reading

Coordinating Invites and Gifts

Primary teacher gift boxes It is so fun when I have an opportunity to use my scrapbooking supplies for things other than scrapbooking. This past month I was able to make invitations to a dinner at church and create coordinating gift boxes (filled with candy) for each of the people in attendance at the dinner. Everyone seemed to like the invites and gift boxes, so I thought I would share my little project with you. The Invitation (I appoligize for the paint blob in the center of this one. I gave out all of the good ones before taking a … Continue reading

Entertaining: Five Tips for Surprise Parties

It’s not easy to pull off a surprise party for someone that resides in your home. You may never know if the guest of honor was truly surprised or not. Still, throwing a surprise party is a great way to make somebody feel special. These five tips should prove helpful when planning a surprise party: 1. Begin planning well in advance of the party date. The one thing that usually gives away the surprise is the frantic action and secrecy near a special date. Even a semi-intuitive person is going to pick up on whispering and the hustle and bustle … Continue reading

Birthday Parties on a Budget (2)

Birthday party decorations can cost a fortune, which is why many decide to host their parties elsewhere, but I’d like to give you some ideas on frugal decorations. Tablecloths: Tablecloths can help make clean up a breeze, however if you want to re-use it (to cut costs from continually buying more!) then purchase a party tablecloth that can be laundered and used at other parties. You can just buy one from Wal-mart – Choose a solid color that is not gender specific, so if you have boy and girl parties, they can be used for either. Yellow, green, or red … Continue reading

Inviting Family to the Reunion

Family reunions can be small, parents, children, and grandchildren. Or they can be larger including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Or if you want to go really large include the siblings and descendents of the grandparents. Once you have decided exactly whom you are going to invite and the date of the reunion it is a good idea to call family members, e-mail them, or send out a survey mailer. You should let family members know of the date, the proposed reunion type, a general location, and any possible costs. Ask relatives to let you know if they think they … Continue reading

Easy Invitation Idea 2

Making an invitation for an event is a fun and nice way to add a more personal touch, rather than just purchasing a store bought invitation. I just created an invitation for an upcoming Daisy Scout event for my daughter’s troop. This is a simple design that could be used as an invitation for any event or even just as a greeting card design. Since this was a Daisy Scout activity, I looked through my stash of paper for something with daisies. I found some cute pink and white daisy paper in a Making Memories Kid’s Collection paper pack from … Continue reading

Tips to Make Your Wedding Personal

When it comes to wedding planning, we all want to make our wedding something special. Perhaps there are family traditions to uphold or perhaps you want to create your own traditions. What makes a wedding personal is what investment the bride and groom put into how they hold it, where they hold it and the involvement of their guests or wedding parties. If you want to make your wedding more personal, more unique – more about you as a couple – try some of the following: Invite wedding guests to share their wisdom or advice on your wedding invitation RSVP … Continue reading

Easy Invitation Idea

Need a quick, easy and fun invitation for an upcoming gathering? I want to share an invitation I just completed. The design can be used for any type of event: birthday party, baby shower, moving announcement, etc. You will first need to choose which patterned paper you want to use. I suggest using a sheet that is double sided so that both the outside and inside of the card will have color. The paper I chose to use had a pattern on one side and a coordinating solid color on the other. Here is the short list of materials you … Continue reading