Scrapbooking With Found Items

Found items can add so much to your scrapbook layouts and albums, with a spark of creativity there is so much you can do. What is a found object? It is essentially anything that would not normally be considered a scrapbook item or embellishment. So what kinds of things can be found objects? That’s what I plan to talk about. I have almost become addicted to found items lately. We have been cleaning out old boxes in the basement and other areas of the home so we can put it on the market. While many things are being targeted for … Continue reading

Frugal Finds for Fido

With our extravagant purchase of a new puppy, and the fact that it was a less than frugal purchase, we had to really figure out ways to cut corners. Not that we don’t already, but putting such a large purchase on the credit card was simply not taken likely. So there are a few things we have done and I thought I’d share them. New puppies are usually a lot like newborns. And as such, cannot play with the larger toys that are available on the market. One of the best tips my mother gave me, and she’s not even … Continue reading

Taking Better Pictures of Your Cat (3)

We’ve discussed three tips already that will help with better photographs of your cat, but there are still a few more to talk about. Cats are harder than other animals to photograph, only because of their independent nature, and the fact that they tend to not enjoy cooperating much. Not to say that all cats are that way, but in my experience they just tend to be more difficult than other animals to photograph. So what else can you do besides avoiding use of the flash, good lighting, and getting down to their eye level. Avoid Treats, Use Toys Toys … Continue reading

What Not To Sell at a Garage Sale Part Two

“One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”, does not always hold true, when preparing for a garage sale. It is important to keep in mind, safety and damage and what it can mean for others. Here are several more items that need to meet safety standards to be sold. Walkers Enough said. Just don’t sell them. They are against the law. Period. If they have wheels, they are a huge safety risk and should be destroyed. Children have wheeled themselves right down stairs, amongst other things. If it is a stationary “walker” like an excersaucer, sell away! Those are great … Continue reading

What Not To Sell at a Garage Sale Part One

While the old saying “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”, is certainly true for a garage sale, there are some items that should not be sold at garage sales. Mostly these items can cause safety hazards and have to meet safety requirements under the Hazardous Products Act. Please be sure and read this before having your next garage sale. It would be awful if someone got injured by something you sold that was unsafe. Not everyone knows of these laws and many people are uneducated, so it is important for you to educate yourself to protect those that don’t … Continue reading

Garage Sales: Frugal Ways to Clean Up Your Stuff

Cleaning up items for a garage sale is extremely important. Offering clean clothing, toys and furniture is the key to making the most money possible at your sale. I cannot tell you the countless times, that I have been to a garage sale, and seen dirty items that looked like they had literally been stored in a garage or basement (and probably had) without so much as a regards to the quality of the item. Those are the garage sales that I typically leave after only a minute or so of browsing. When I go to a garage sale, and … Continue reading

Garage Sales: Arranging Items For Display

In addition to what you use to display your items at your garage sale, how you display those items is equally important. Categories: The first thing you should consider when setting up your displays, is the categories. Obviously you need to keep like minded items together. For instance, tools should be displayed on a table with only tools. Children’s smaller toys should be on another table. Or you could even go as far as to separate the boy toys from the girl toys, though I think you should avoid this practice, as nowadays, girls play with boy toys and boys … Continue reading

Unabomber Auction

How much would you pay to own an axe used by “Unabomber” Theodore Kaczynski? Actually, it wasn’t meant to be a rhetorical question. In fact, we will soon find out how much money that axe will fetch when it (along with a host of other personal items) goes up for auction to help pay restitution to Kaczynski’s victims. A U.S. federal judge has ordered the sale of the mail bomber’s property through an online auction. Items up for bid include journals, typewriters and books seized from Kaczynski’s Montana cabin. Proceeds from the sale will go toward a $15 million restitution … Continue reading