Cheap Thrills

Remember the good ol’ days when you could stick a box of Kleenex in front of your baby and he would be entertained for hours pulling tissues out one by one? A box of facial tissue is a cheap way to keep your toddler happy, but then that little guy grows up and starts asking for expensive electronic toys that cost more than your monthly water bill. That’s when you need to get creative. And by creative I mean teach your kids how to embrace old school cheap thrills: simple and safe pranks that don’t require a lot of masterminding … Continue reading

Cheap Laughs

How do you tell the difference between a chili bean and a green bean? The chilly one wears a jacket. Yes, it’s a barrel of laughs around here. My 8-year-old is currently obsessed with jokes, riddles and all things comical.  Her timing and delivery has improved dramatically since her preschool days when she used to give away the punch line at the beginning of the joke. It just goes to prove that you don’t have to spend a ton of money in order to get a good laugh.  There are all sorts of cheap ways you can giggle and guffaw … Continue reading

Holiday Jollies

  The best part of the holiday season is getting together with family and friends to share a few laughs.  Or, in some case, huge belly busters that have you rolling on the floor gasping for air. One of the simplest ways to share a seasonal smile is to tell a Christmas joke.  Kids and adults alike appreciate a good holiday riddle.  What’s more, clean, seasonal funnies can be added to Christmas cards, family newsletters or used as an ice breaker at a company party or family get-together.  If you are entertaining kids this month, consider printing out the following … Continue reading

Irish Eyes Are Smilin’

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day, a time to celebrate all things Irish. However, you don’t have to dine on Corned Beef and Cabbage, don green or pick a four-leaf clover to get into the spirit of the holiday. Simply, share the following riddles with your children or friends to spread the fun this St. Paddy’s Day: Q: Why did the man cross the road? A: Because there was a leprechaun on the other side with a pot of gold. Q: Why do people wear shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day? A: Regular rocks are too heavy. Q: Why can’t you borrow … Continue reading

Laugh Out Loud Scrapbook Humor and Jokes

Laughter is the best medicine they say. There is nothing like a good joke or a funny story that can get your adrenaline pumping, your heart racing and a bit of giggling going on. I thought I would take a moment to review some of the past Friday Funnies that made people laugh and smile and share. I absolutely love humorous things about my hobby that make me sit and think… yes, I have been there. It can be fun to laugh at yourself when you are obsessed with a hobby like this. Here are some funny articles that have … Continue reading

Friday Fitness Funnies: Ready, Set, Laugh!

Good morning and welcome to Friday! Can it really be Friday already? Where did the week go? Why do my legs hurt? Is it good that I can feel them this morning? How was your week? Are you ready to exercise your funny bone? I hope so! It’s been quite a while since we hosted our Friday Fitness Funnies and I thought it was a good time to bring them back as I could use the laugh! Fair warning: the rest of this blog isn’t supposed to be taken seriously. Funny, Ha! Ha! Some of the best advice my daughter … Continue reading

Friday Funnies: Hiding Your Scrapbook Purchases

One of the most common things I hear scrapbookers joke about seems to be, where to hide their extravagant purchases from their significant others. While I would never suggest hiding anything in any relationship, and lying is not okay with me whatsoever, I have found some of the following answers and stories to be amusing enough to share. And apparently I am very blessed to have such a wonderful significant other who shares my passion for scrapbooking and not only buys me all my stuff, okay well not all of it, but also enjoys sitting down with me to scrap! … Continue reading

The “Joke” Stage

The other day, I heard two young children talking on the bus—they were taking turns telling each other jokes that they appeared to be making up on the spot. While I didn’t exactly understand the humor behind each joke they told, they certainly were tickled with themselves and each other and it reminded me of when my own children were going through the “joke” stage. It was all about trying to make up and tell silly and amusing jokes. Story-telling and jokes become great fun for children around the time they enter elementary school. 5-8 year-olds are prime members of … Continue reading

Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest Magazine has been around much longer than I have and plays a part in my earliest memories. First published in 1922 by husband and wife team DeWitt and Lila Wallace, only five thousand copies were made in that first run. But only a decade later, Reader’s Digest became the most popular magazine in the United States. Soon the magazine reached worldwide status as well. Today it is read by an estimated 95 million readers around the globe. We had a subscription to Reader’s Digest at my house, and we never let it lapse. I remember delivery days –when … Continue reading

Tales of Marriage: Anecdotes

Here are a few anecdotes shared by married folks I know: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell A husband was asleep and his wife continued trying to wake him up. He continued to answer, more of a grunt, “In a minute.” Finally, his wife called from the other room, “Are you sleeping?” Apparently, he was half-asleep since his response was, “With who?” Needless to say, the response did not go over well with his wife and he was soon up out of bed and trying to make amends. Short Sheeted A young couple married and moved into their new home. The wife … Continue reading