Journal Your Way to Fit Living

You will hear me say this often, that fitness is a lifestyle. I really do believe that fitness is about more than just exercising to tone up or lose weight. I believe fitness should encompass every aspect of our lives. Fitness is about fit living. Fit living is more than just squeezing in some exercise. It is about keeping our minds fit, eating healthy and yes, even getting enough rest. It is about living a balanced lifestyle. I am a really strong advocate for journals. I have kept many different types of journals over the years. What I find beneficial … Continue reading

Creating a Journal Scrapbook

A journal scrapbook is similar to a regular one in that it captures memories but it is filled with more words than pictures. It serves almost as if it’s a diary. I started putting one together a few years ago and laid it aside but I plan on picking it back up again. I happened to save enough memorabilia over the years, going back into my childhood days that I can put together a pretty nice journal scrapbook. One of the pages of my journal scrapbook holds a dog biscuit. Now that might sound strange but let me explain why. … Continue reading

Help For a Flagging Quiet Time

Does your quiet time need revival? Maybe it needs a complete overhaul? Maybe it needs resuscitation. Here are some ideas to help you revitalize your quiet time or as I call it communion time, since it is the time when I commune with God and He communes with me. Focus first, on putting yourself in God’s presence by remembering who He is. Maybe focus each day on a certain attribute of God. E.g. love, justice, mercy, faithfulness, or power and praise Him for this. Or you might focus on the names of God and exactly what they mean to you … Continue reading

How Soon We Forget!

How soon we can forget the way God acts in our lives! This is one of the advantages of keeping a journal. For years I’ve been a huge fan of journals for quiet times, probably way back since I read ‘A Man Called Peter,’ by Catherine Marshall. I call mine a communuon journal because it records my communion with God, Bible readings, prayers, thoughts and how God speaks to me. This morning I plucked put one of those old journals and looked at the first page. Like Courtney I’ve been feeling a bit disenchanted with novel writing recently. I was … Continue reading

Create Your Own Body-for-Life Success Journal

You could buy the Body-for-Life Success Journal. It is an excellent book and is completely loaded with everything you need to keep track of your personal progress throughout the Body-for-Life Challenge. I used one the last time I did the challenge and really loved it. Nobody can write motivational material like Bill Phillips and I found his daily dose of it in the Success Journal was very helpful. Now if you don’t want to spend the $25.95 to buy this at your nearest retail bookstore, Bill Phillips has made it particularly easy for you to create your very own success … Continue reading

Keeping a Parenting Journal

As a writer, I have boxes and drawers of journals. I’ve been scribbling in notebooks and journals for four decades and it tends to be how I organize my work, keep track of my life, and vent about all sorts of things going on. I would like to suggest that even if you aren’t a writer, and even if you’re handy with a camera or a video recorder—keeping a parenting journal can be a very worthwhile activity. When all three of my children were small, I kept a special journal just for “parenting” stuff—it is full of accounts of our … Continue reading

Win a FREE eDiets Weight Loss Solutions and Daily Progress Journal for Your Input!

Dear Readers, I’d really love your input so that I can make this blog more informative and provide the kind of information you really want to read. (After all, it does me no good to write if I don’t know what you’re hoping to find!) Following are a few questions that I have for you so I hope you’ll consider answering some or all of them in the form of an email to or by private message here at to me at “cocotbo”. All readers who respond by September 30, 2007, will be entered in a drawing to … Continue reading

7 Reasons to Start A Blog

Have you been thinking of starting a blog lately? If you haven’t taken the plunge, you should. There are many great reasons to start a blog, and it has never been easier to do. You can get started today right here at Families. com. Just click on the My Site Tab at the top left of the page. Then click on journal on the right side of the page to get started. You can also create your own blog on your existing website, too. And now, here are seven reasons why you should start a blog. 1. To keep in … Continue reading

Faith of Our Fathers – Modern Day Pioneers

As the church grows throughout the world, more and more of its members lack the three hundred (or whatever it is) generation link to the plain crossing pioneers. They might wonder how pioneer day affects them. Of course, learning about the faith-building experiences of others can help us resolve to strengthen our testimonies and press forward with faith. But what can we modern day pioneers do? You see, I am one of those pioneers. As I’ve mentioned before, I am a convert, the first generation in my family. I was blessed not to have strong opposition from my parents when … Continue reading

Seven Steps Towards a Stronger Relationship with the Lord.

What can we learn from the Old Testament and God’s relationship with His people,Israel? Exodus 19:1-25. 1. In the third month after they set out from Egypt, Israel reaches the desert of Sinai and camps at the foot of the mountain. Verses 1-2. It is often when we are in the harsh situations, which feel like a desert, that God meets with us. 2. Moses goes up the mountain. The Lord tells Moses exactly what he is to say to the people of Israel, verse 3. God is always clear about what He tells His people. At times he speaks … Continue reading